What’s a better energy boost than inspiring interviews with creatives?

Yet another inspiring week filled with creativity and energy has come to its almost-new-week state. This week has slowly said bye bye to the summer, and hello to an Fall filled with fresh, warm tones of beautiful colors and a new chapter in life. It is now that all of the summer inspiration can turn into practical project ideas and new opportunities can really be created.

This week, we’ve interviewed five great people from all over the world. They have shared their ideas on creativity, how they explored their own and what they like about doing just that. Here are a few quotes:

A creative mind can’t help creating. Sooner or later, there comes the need to create. My advice for beginners is not be discouraged and not be afraid to realize their own ideas, even the craziest one. The most important thing is to do your work and create with love.”
Anna Nasibyan

I believe the people who are the most successfully are the ones who focus on their talents and pay someone else to take care of the details of business operation.”
Rita Burgett-Martell  

The loyalty to yourself, to your own beliefs is also something you have to defend fiercely; it is very important to have a clear idea of what your aim is although there must always be an open door for improvisation – to be like a selective sponge allowing to receive everything and then selecting what can be added to the direction that you already had.”
Jose Higuera

For most of my career I have worked in the Danish fashion industry with PR and communications for a wide range of Danish and international brands. As inspiration from the fashion industry ended, I sought refuge in my other great passion in the furniture and design industry.”
Allan Torp

Once I started a family, I stopped painting and many other works, and trained to work as a marketing strategist, web designer, copywriter for online retail and private industries so that I could be at home with small children. Little did I think I would turn those skills within a short time, to establishing my company now.”
Ingrid Lee

For the next week, we’ve got five new interviewees to present to you, coming from a broad variety of backgrounds including accessory design, NGO, music writing and performance psychology. Our articles include the second article in our series “Community: Mixing online & IRL life for the better”, as well as creativity and acting, finding that road everyone mentions when looking for something, the right to be creative and why being you is pretty awesome.

Tomorrow, we are also publishing our last article in the long series “The Quote of Things” and we hope that you will find it interesting and worth reflecting upon. Stay tuned and smile while doing it! 🙂

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