When you find inspiring creatives – connect with them 

Inspiration is so easy to find today. Since the access to information is the absolute largest ever and people actively use social media tools to find just that, taking the chance to get in touch with people is a great idea to better understand a specific creative thought – to whichever field it may be subject.

When it comes to cross-creativity and allowing yourself to try out new perspectives in order to get inspired, researching a professional field completely different from the one in which you work is the starting point. When you find something that catches your interest, which will happen quite fast, the next step would be to find people who are really great thinkers and visionaries in that particular field.

After that, simply writing a letter stating your interest is what you need to do – and that will bring you two things. First, it will lead to great writing skills as well as people skills, and second – it will be a potentially great beginning of a new friendship.

Another important thing that will most likely happen is that you will see the human being behind those great and inspiring ideas – realizing that there’s actually an awesome person (or many of them) behind every interesting creative product. This is huge and with this accessibility, spreading new ideas is even easier and more fun than ever before. Add a positive attitude to that and you will see how much great positive response you will receive for your effort to get in touch with amazing people.

While creatives do tend to be quite busy people, they do always find the time to do what’s important. Therefore, you should absolutely go ahead and write that email or Tweet or message to that person inspiring you, and let him/her know. And maybe ask them how they did it, what made them come up with the great ideas that they have, and how they did that thing about which you would like to know more.

Have you ever connected with a creative out there? Did the response match your expectations?

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