Why culture can’t be lost and why that’s a dumbass discussion

All over the world we’ve got these newly self-admitted super-smart politicians, trying to let their imagination flow as they spit out concepts, slogans and all sorts of words for which they have less than no understanding. The popular choice of word to kidnap at the moment is “culture”, stating that this things is being taken over by those “others”. ”They” are changing “our” culture so badly that soon there won’t be any of “ours” left. “Our culture” will be lost, and this means that “our” identity will be lost too. WTF?

Why culture can’t be lost

They are popping out of nowhere as those little beavers pop out of those little holes in the amusement parks all over. The difference is that the latter don’t speak, you have a piece of wood with which to smash them, and most importantly – it’s only a game. The former though, is quite another story. They speak a lot, grabbing every occasion to contradict themselves and prove to all people that they are not very smart. As in “complete fucking idiots”.

Yet they gain votes in almost every European country at the moment, the newly created right-wing geniuses “bringing back order and stability” like bombs bring peace to the people currently being slashed into pieces.

Now, to some people that might be a little bit harsh. It might, but it isn’t so we’ll just keep it going right this way – get comfortable.

For a right-wing party to occupy a concept like culture, as is happening today in many countries around the world, it takes some balls. Not only does it require courage to even try to use one of the most free, educated and loved union of thoughts as choice of weapon against the same people, but it also demands to create a whole new concept of what logic means and how it should be used.

Ever since internet happened, the spreading of this new knowledge (hehe, well) has been so much cheaper, so much less demanding in terms of logistics and intelligence – a process which we’re all watching right this very moment. Representatives of these ideas dance their dance on the virtual arena, trash-talking people, cultures, influence, concepts, ideas, foods, roads, music and all other things “mass media with a hidden agenda to ruin our culture and hide the truth from people”.

Now, “the truth” is yet another given concept in these representatives’ minds, making it their duty to inform us, the people, about what “they” are hiding from “us”. But then again, who “they” really are totally depends on the subject. One day it’s the foreigners, or the migrants. The next day, they are the politicians in [insert country of choice] and the day after that, it’s not the politicians of that country but rather the international Jewish community. Or EU. Or Illuminati.

People, the viewers of this madness, do have very little choice when listening to these geniuses, especially when other actors in the world too find it great to label all sorts of things all sorts of names. As the migration CRISIS, the economic COLLAPSE, the FAILED integration processes and so on. It is far too easy for a bunch of quasi-intellectuals like these to just hold on to the moron-train and follow the current wave of madness.


But back to the people and the culture being ERASED, KIDNAPPED, INFLUENCED. It’s almost ridiculous, to the point of being sad, that anyone with today’s access to information could be so little educated not to understand that a culture isn’t a thing. It’s not a solid thing. It’s a continuous process, constantly changing, evolving. Even more so than any other field, because the key figures in the cultural sphere in any country or region or place, are very forward-thinking, open, well-educated and fun people. They question everything and invite for critical thinking in all aspects of life, be it politically correct or less so to talk about it. Some of these initiatives can be argued to be a little bit dumb, some are very dumb, but then there are those really great ones, the ones moving societies forward.

Trying really hard not to hurt any feelings here, how is it possible for someone to want to keep such a free, transformative, ever-changing field “as it once was”? It’s practically, theoretically and in all other thinkable ways impossible, due to its very definition, its nature.

Now, to hurt some feelings, spreading fear and accusing people and other ideas of kidnapping a phenomenon like culture is fucking beyond ridiculous, calling it idiotic is to make an understatement. First, for the love of all things fun, what makes these individuals think that an idea or a new recipe or a religion or whatever, could influence the concept of culture? Second, in the name of all mental health issues currently discovered, a culture is not a solid, stuck-in-time thing.

Pick a country and have a look – was your country’s culture the same 50 years ago as it is today? Or 200? Or 10? A rock has the capacity to understand that, but not these newly occurring political forces. In their imaginary world, their country was a beautiful piece of art all by itself and then came the enemy and destroyed everything. For some people, that was exactly what rock music did. And junk food. And passports. And roads. And potatoes. And coffee. And concrete. And trade. And books. And stairs. And internet. And chickens.

And all other things a human being could ever think of, ever.

Wasting time on inviting people to discuss the loss of culture due to whichever enemy you’d like to pick, is d.u.m.b. It’s stupid. It’s a time-wasting, fear indulging piece of mutated asshole ideology. Most importantly, it’s not even a discussion in the first place. It’s just the way in which an idiot aspiring to become a politician today is understanding the world. Which is – not even a little, not even the basis of international or national or any other relations. Nothing. It’s all empty.

Cultures change, that’s the very basis for their existence. They shift, transform, criticize everything and never ever sign up for going in one particular direction – especially not a political one and especially not a dumbass, quasi-educated fucking moronic wannabe-political one.

Did you ever have the pleasure to interact with one of these people and/or ideas?

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