Why we love cross-creativity

Being creative is fulfilling in so many ways, it reaches out to our most basic instincts of curiosity and drives us to move forward in every aspect of life. Struggles and obstacles become things to overcome and move beyond, resulting in active choices to make good things happen. In life, creative people make many such good choices whereas those who are not very creative tend to go for the negative, often long road (no, no, not the tree) to pretty much anything.

Anyone can learn to think creatively and use creativity as a method for problem-solving. It takes a little time, practice and a lot of will and open-mindedness, and pretty soon on, creativity will become a part of everyday life. This is a choice though, and that means that being passive will not make anything creative happen. The misunderstanding in this aspect specifically, is that passive behavior isn’t just refusing to do things at all, but having the mindset that any other person who does something well is just lucky, or any other excuse.

Choosing to go through life passively creates quite narrow frames in which this person is able to move. Add a couple of years with that mindset and you have got a full-blown negative, anti-creative stance. Thus, passivity, as it is also called, is an active choice. Making the decision to change direction and become actively creative will lead to those negatives slowly disappearing, but again – only if truly, actively choosing to do just that.

Suddenly, creative people will appear to be everywhere and their knowledge will be noted all over the place. Inspiration is to be found in any artistic work, any business work, any natural sciences work – it really is everywhere. Reaching out to photographers and admiring their work while also reading up on micro-nutrients and watching an action movie could suddenly create a basis for a new dimension in architectural work, or cooking, or dancing, or building an enterprise. Staying open-minded and joining forces with people who have had years and years in developing their creativity will connect the inspiration, turning it to ideas and clarifying them in order to be able to realize them.

The only limit to creativity, creative inspiration and creative possibilities are the ones in your own mind. Let them go and you will step into a whole new world of creative opportunities.

Do you find cross-creativity important in your life?

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