Why you are a creative genius – Oh, we know about your methods!   

Have you ever wondered why you are so creative and successful in what you do?

Have you ever wondered why you are so creative and successful in what you do? Has that thought kept you awake at night? It probably has, as is the case with all of us – all night, every night as they say. Fortunately, we know the answer to that question and it is simpler than you thought:

It is because of the total ignorance to everything and everybody, which each creative person possesses. Nothing boosts that creativity thing as simply ignoring every influence that comes to you. Suppressing your ideas and thoughts is yet another way of basically planting that magical seed which will grow to one big tree of creativity (it’s an oak tree). We’ve caught your attention, haven’t we?

Reading this, you probably think “Oh, is that really it?” Of course it’s not, there’s much more to it. Although total and complete ignorance is the secret key that nobody has told you about (because people aren’t nice, simple as that), we have spoken to Dr. Prof. Realimportantson who states that “Scientifically speaking, as opposed to times when I’m not scientifically speaking, there is a clear correlation between ignorance and creativity. The more ignorant you are, the better it is for your creativity and total quality of life”. We tried to ask the Doc. About more details in his revealing study, but he told us to ignore them fully – and we’ll gladly do just that.

We know, we know – receiving all of this information must feel great. Finally there’s someone presenting scientific evidence for what makes creativity happen. Please thank us tomorrow.

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