Worldwide creatives, lots of sunshine and sharing amazing stories

What a wonderful week this week has been! Great interaction with worldwide creatives, announcing publishing date for our next ISSUU issue, having an ice tea (or two) in the sun, enjoying great company and simply letting the awesomeness of creativity do its own job, without interfering much. This is what relaxation is about, to let yourself take some time off and let those creative ideas sink in.

This week, we’ve published five interviews with fantastic individuals all sharing their inspiring stories with us. We’ve picked out a couple of quotes for you to enjoy:

My dream project would be to create a personal brand (and an online store) with prints, stationary, wall stickers, fabrics and other lovely things. It would consist of critters like squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, deer, bears, foxes and such.”
Nina Štajner

Basically going with flow and learning from what was already out there. Then, find ways of doing the same, but making it fun. Use a lot of humor: keeps everybody on the attention mode.”
Dr. Marta Badilla

The idea of being better and better at one’s craft is part of this. Sunshine helps too and a garden to sit in. Apart from that, having my cat Jamie and my friends close by. Oh and the odd piece of chocolate!”
Ingrid Ellis

I am also working on several projects to better understand what culture is. I have been writing that actually our national cultures are dying. People increasingly form their cultures from their cities in which they live in or the organizations that they work for. National cultures are dying.”
Marcel Hofeditz

A spontaneous creativity, interesting and weird at the same time, it’s a great mystery to me.”
José Guilherme S.Brandão

Next week will be filled with interesting articles on the topics such as creativity and your voice, management and creativity, what to do when that-thing happens (oh, you know what thing we’re talking about), and much, much more! As for the interviews, we’ve got a great combination of art, business, writing and teaching for you, together with five great people sharing their experience with us.

Did we mention that it’s a little over a week until our September ISSUU issue is out?

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