Would you like to find out the publication date for our November ISSUU issue?

Folks, dudes and dudettes, Creatives from all over the world, we’ve got a date for the upcoming ISSUU publication and it’s on Monday, November 2nd! Save it, schedule it and make sure to check in right over here to find it really soon, together with our six previous ISSUU issues. This one is totally PACKED with creative information, great advice and many, many awesome people sharing their ideas. New for this issue is our additional comments from creative minds all over the world, sharing their thoughts on how to maximize creativity and productivity – an amazing collection with a massive amount of information.

We’re so happy and thankful to have been able to create such an awesome platform, sharing positive energy and awesome stories with awesome people in such a short time – we, together with every amazing, talented creative mind who has contributed with their knowledge! 🙂

November 2nd – stay tuned!


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