Your decisions create your life, awesome interviews and opening up your eyes

It’s nice to get stuck in a beautiful, safe spot. However, it’s neither safe nor beautiful and the sooner we all realize that, the better lives we will be able to make for ourselves. Think about it, walking around a little less happy than you should be, or a little less satisfied than you should be, because of perceived safety – is not the way to go. You’ve got this one life and you can make it awesome, simply by making the decisions that will enable you to reach wherever you would like to be. As the fantastic man Mr. Stephen Covey once put it, “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions”.

This week, we have had the amazing opportunity to interview five fantastic creative professionals who have all understood what Mr. Covey expressed. Here are a few quotes from them to you:

“The first clients and good reviews are always the most difficult. But once you get a few of them, and see the good reviews coming in, your desire for work grows and grows.”
Petar Stojaković

“After 2 years in practice treating sick cows, I really wanted to improve the cows lives!!!”
Joep Driessen

“I took a few classes in oil painting on one of my trips to India and discovered unbounded joy in it.”
Sonali Kukreja

“I teach undergraduate and graduate courses, primarily in the areas of entrepreneurship, management and strategy as a Clinical Professor at Pace University in Manhattan.”
Bruce Bachenheimer

“I began to understand design while working under the wings of Alfonso Huerta, in Mexico City. He taught me the power of finding a way to say yes to a client.”
Gonzalo Alatorre

One recurring choice of conversation is often the one about the start of the week and how not-fun that is, in so many ways. This too is a decision and we had a good look at it, trying to bring some clarity into the madness of negative rhetoric. It can be constructive and awesome too, trust us.

Then there’s the never-ending discussion on the difference between and content in aesthetics and artsy-ness. Is aesthetics being occupied by a small group of extremists? Could it be so, that there might be more people who would appreciate to understand more about aesthetics, had it not been for these occupants trying to standardize one perspective and one perspective only? Hm. We have no idea.

Also, do you find yourself to “like” stuff online a lot? As if this meant something, or contributed with something of value? Really? Like, really? We have another perspective on this, emphasizing a little more contact with people, actual real communication. Check it out and see if you agree with us. Along with that, check out our selected quotes from the senses series that you might have checked out a few months ago.

What’s the best thing anyone could possibly do on a Sunday? You’re absolutely right, check out two great videos that we’ve picked out for you.

Two new series are coming up really soon and we will let you know all about it in a few days – stay tuned for that.

Oh, and, do you know what will happen tomorrow? This.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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