10 Daredevil Things The MCU Should Keep

After a small but exciting appearance in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock is set to join the MCU. While his incredible performance as Daredevil in Netflix’s eponymous series earned him the love of die-hard Marvel fans, many fans fear the MCU can’t build on the success of the original show.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has undoubtedly produced hit after hit, but its detractors argue that many films are formulaic and safe, eschewing adult topics and situations. If there are too many changes to the source material that made them great, the characters won’t feel true to their comic counterparts. As a result, they will be set up to fail. However, if the MCU leans into the positives of characters like Daredevil, they’ll keep the magic of the Netflix show alive and create some truly special projects going forward.

ten Street level issues

Marvel's Daredevil Season 3

Saving the world from interdimensional threats can be thrilling, but viewers are tired of repeated “Avenger-level threats.” This approach trivializes strong comic book villains by making unique appearances (like Ultron) and can create unrealistic and unbalanced fights. The Netflix series’ best moments focus on Daredevil’s fights with gangs in Hell’s Kitchen, where he fights to protect the area he grew up in from gang violence. When bigger threats arise in the series, he asks for help to fight them, which makes the stakes real.

9 Dark and grainy tone

Marvel is sanitizing their properties to reach a wider audience, despite that being the wrong choice for many of its popular comic book characters. dead Pool and Logan were two movies that fully leaned into the adult nature of their respective characters, but they weren’t part of the MCU. So the question remains: will Marvel allow this kind of violence and gravity in its main cinematic universe?

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To do Daredevil well, you absolutely have to keep what makes it unique. Even with Charlie Cox’s acting ability, if the MCU prevents him and his fellow actors from being the characters Netflix has fleshed out so well with a light-hearted, joke-riddled storyline, it could doom this great property. intellectual.

8 The Daredevil Extended Family

Foggy and Karen are key parts of Matt Murdock’s world, and they have been since the beginning of the comics. The Netflix show expertly portrayed these two characters with standout performances from Elden Henson as Foggy and Deborah Ann Woll as Karen, giving them both rich and ongoing stories that unfolded throughout. three seasons of the show. There are a lot of rumors circulating that the two actors will reprise their roles, although nothing is set in stone yet. Kevin Feige must ensure that the show’s supporting cast, especially heart-and-soul characters like Foggy and Karen, return with Charlie Cox; otherwise, the show will lose its depth.

7 Compelling Villains

Spider-Man may have an endless pantheon of villains to fight, but Daredevil only has a few that resonate with the comics. Kingpin and Bullseye are the more famous of the two, and the Netflix show does them both justice. The show’s first season focused heavily on Wilson Fisk, played with fearsome strength by movie veteran Vincent D’Onofrio. His return to Hawk Eye is a significant sign that his time as Daredevil’s main villain – and New York’s greatest street-level villain – is far from over. Similarly, Wilson Bethel’s Bullseye from the third season of daredevil captures the unstable and dangerous nature of the character, who deserves to return and face his nemesis again.

6 Brilliant fight choreography

Matt Murdock fights criminals in a seedy hallway on the Daredevil show

Lots of Marvel movies with budgets higher than daredevil have fight scenes that look ridiculously campy and fake. Even characters like the Hulk, who has the power to walk through buildings with ease, don’t seem to do much damage due to the camera cuts and CGI methods used by most MCU projects. Viewers never really feel the impact of the violence shown, which makes even the biggest on-screen battles hollow.

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daredevil takes a very different approach with its fight sequences. Every punch Matt Murdock takes and receives on the Netflix show feels real and punishing. From the cracking sounds of breaking bones to close-ups of the action, even small fights with street thugs don’t look easy.

5 Strong relationships with other heroes

Jessica Jones and Daredevil

Daredevil can only deal with street-level threats in the show’s first season, but bigger issues emerge, like the group of ninja known as The Hand. In these situations, the series does what the Infinity Saga movies did so well, and heroes from different walks of life combine their powers to fight off a bigger threat. Every hero featured, from Jon Bernthal’s Ruthless Punisher to Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, has stories that have been built into their own shows, making them believable and understandable characters from the start. The MCU should retain this core of New York-based heroes in future Daredevil projects, as they bring incredible crossover potential and a bigger bullpen of collective villains to fight.

4 Elektra supports Matt but thrives on her own

Elektra Natchios is one of the most interesting female characters the MCU has yet to touch. Created in 1981, Elektra has been a mainstay in the Daredevil comics, both as an adversary and lover of Matt Murdock. While Elodie Yung only portrayed Elektra for 10 episodes across Netflix’s three seasons, she did an excellent job of capturing the character’s looks, especially when compared to the tragically bad 2005 film starring Jennifer Garner. Including it in the MCU is an absolute must, not only to improve the daredevil project with her presence, but as a starting point for the solo appearance she deserves.

3 The precise origin story

Like many of the best comic book characters, Daredevil has a history riddled with tragedy, which makes him the hero he becomes. The Netflix show does a perfect job of portraying this journey. The very first scene of the first season shows the chemical spill accident that leaves Matt blinded. He continues to show the boxing matches his father, “Battling Jack” Murdock would throw to make money with local mobsters, including the last he ever fought where he rejected the mobsters’ wishes and won. a fight he was supposed to lose. Watching young Matt find out about his father – having been shot outside the gym after his fight – was heartbreaking and perfectly handled. Referencing this Netflix-constructed origin without repeating it is the best bet for the MCU’s Daredevil project.

2 Morally gray characters

Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin in Daredevil

MCU characters can seem terribly one-dimensional. One of the most beloved performances by a villain in the MCU was Michael B. Jordan’s Eric Killmonger. He broke the mold by having realistic and understandable motivations beyond mindless world domination or hatred for his counterpart.

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In daredevil, each character is given time to develop into a fully realized human being, which makes Wilson Fisk and others generally considered “evil” just as interesting and worthy of screen time. In the same way watchmen turned superheroes into real people that readers could relate to, daredevil makes characters that viewers might imagine existing in their world. The MCU must take a page of daredevil and retain the character-building prowess of the series.

1 His signature radar sense

Daredevil's superhearing can be explained by a biological quirk... in owls

It’s hard to display Daredevil’s abilities on the big screen, as evidenced by the 2003 Ben Affleck movie. of vision. The effects were one of the best things to come from this adaptation, but of course the Netflix show did a better job with them. First shown in Season 1 Episode 5 titled “World on Fire”, viewers see how Matt sees the world – with character outlines in fiery orange and red colors. The MCU should keep this look, not just for continuity, but also because the “world on fire” concept is integral to Matt’s dark thoughts about human nature and key to him taking on the mantle of Daredevil.

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