2022 offseason questions: Who will reach the Super Bowl (and who are you rooting for)?

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2021 season is over, already knocked out of the playoffs after suffering a 42-21 loss at the hands of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. They barely made the playoffs with a 9-7-1 record and a little help from their friends.

It’s an offseason of major changes, with the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger, the possible retirement of general manager Kevin Colbert and decisions about the future of many important players to be made, such as Joe Haden, Stephon Tuitt, JuJu Smith – Schuster. , and others.

Along with exploring their options at quarterback, the top global priority, once again, is to tackle the offensive line, which they didn’t do enough of a year ago. Dan Moore Jr. seems to have a future as a full-time starter, but Kendrick Green clearly wasn’t ready. Chukwuma Okorafor is heading to free agency, as is Trai Turner.

These are the kinds of subjects among many others that we have explored on a daily basis and that we will continue to explore. Football has become a year-round pastime and there is always a question to ask. There is rarely a concrete answer, but this is your place to explore the topics we present through all their uncertainty.

Question: Who do you think will be playing in the Super Bowl this season (and who or who are you rooting for)?

Well, the Pittsburgh Steelers won’t play any games for a while. There are only three significant games left in the 2021 NFL season, period: the two conference finals, then the league championship, better known as the Super Bowl.

The AFC boils down to two teams from recent opposite ends of the spectrum: the most successful team and the one, until recently, the worst performing. The Kansas City Chiefs have hosted, including today’s game, the last four AFC Championship games, a record for the most consecutive conference finals held. They have won twice, including the last two. On the other side are the Cincinnati Bengals, who won six games overall in 2019-20 and are coming off their first playoff game since 1990.

The NFC is represented by the team that has appeared in more conference finals than anybody in the form of the San Francisco 49ers. They’ll be hosted by the Los Angeles Rams, who may have the most complete roster they’ve assembled — including the quarterback job — since Kurt Warner was there.

Which team from either conference will emerge victorious and represent in the Super Bowl two weeks from today? Three of the four home teams lost in the divisional round, but each of those games was incredibly close, with three ending in the dying seconds of regulation, one in overtime.

Personally, I expect the Rams and Chiefs to move on and play in the Super Bowl. It may be blasphemous from a divisional standpoint, but I would love to see this Bengals team succeed as well. It would certainly be interesting and very impressive if they could actually pull it all off and win the Super Bowl this year.

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