7 ways to make your boring photos more interesting

Photography is a dynamic profession that many people see through a narrow lens. There is so much more to do than point your camera at something and click a button.

At some point in your photography journey, you might get bored with the images you take. If this is happening to you right now, don’t worry – getting it right doesn’t take too much effort.

Are you ready to make your boring photos more interesting? Keep reading to find out seven ways to do it.

1. Shoot in the rain

Photo of a person in a rainforest

Taking photos in hot, sunny weather can get boring quickly. And while the golden hour is a great time to use the sun, it can become a little cliché. So what is the solution ? Next time it rains, grab your jacket and take your camera for a walk.

Taking pictures in the rain has several advantages. First of all, it is easier to create a moody impression in your shots. Plus, you won’t have to deal with harsh lighting like you would in a midday photoshoot when the sun is out.

If you decide to take photos in the rain, consider the potential impact on your gear. Whenever possible, use weatherproof camera bodies and lenses, and provide good rain protection for your device.

2. Use a lens with a longer focal length

Photo of a person taking photos with a tripod

When you are past the beginner stage as a photographer, you will probably want to upgrade your kit lens. And if you’re ready to pick a focal length for your first primary lens, you may want to consider purchasing one with a longer focal length.


For starters, consider purchasing an 85mm lens or something similar. While they’re great for shooting portraits, they can create some interesting results when used in unorthodox ways. For example, street photography with this lens can isolate a subject to provide a unique perspective, as you will see in the video below.

Just keep in mind that varifocal lenses tend to be more expensive than prime lenses, so make sure you’ve saved up enough before buying one. Maybe consider buying a used one instead.

3. Take your photos through shapes

One of the easiest ways to change a viewer’s perspective is to take photos through objects and shapes. You have many options, including:

  • Remove your lens hood and pull through the cap.
  • Take photos through the gaps in a fence.
  • Shoot through the arches of the doors.

If you’re taking a photo of something that would usually be too far away, capturing the image through a gap is an easy way to compress everything and fill the space. Once you are done shooting, you can change the composition by cropping the image.

4. Change your editing style

Image showing the Lightroom logo on a Mac

As you move through the ranks of photography, you’ll almost certainly be using editing software like Adobe Lightroom at some point. Once you get comfortable with a particular post-production workflow, it may become more and more difficult for you to change your ways.

Over time, your art will evolve naturally. And if you’re fed up with your editing style, consider mixing things up. For example, play around with the red, green, and blue sliders in the Calibration section if you’re using Lightroom.

Another effective way to change the mood of your photos is to use the color calibration wheels. Experiment and find out what you like and what you don’t like.

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5. Think about the color theory wheel

Screenshot of Adobe Color interface

Have you ever taken a photo of a scene that you thought was interesting in real life, but then decided it looked dull when loaded onto your computer? If so, it could have something to do with the color scheme of the image.

Many of your favorite photographers will think carefully about which colors they use and which ones work best together. They frequently refer to color theories, which helps them match winning combinations.

Color theory is a complex subject that we cannot fully explain in such a short section. And to learn it, you will need at least several hours. However, getting started is pretty straightforward; you can refer to the free Adobe Color tool to discover matching colors that you never thought of before.

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6. Include people in the frame

Beautiful buildings, landscapes, and skylines can look great in real life, but if you take the same photo as everyone else, it could make your photograph look unoriginal.

An easy way to make your images more intriguing is to include people in the shots. if you’re afraid to take pictures of strangers, ask a friend. You can either do a full professional photoshoot or document your adventures with spontaneous shots.

Try to think outside the box when doing a photoshoot with friends. As you will quickly notice on social media, a lot of people do the same unconventional poses (and in the same places). If you can, it’s worth researching the places you want to visit in advance, looking for unique perspectives.

7. Move your camera close to the ground

Photo of a photographer taking pictures

Many photographers make the mistake of taking all of their photos at head height. But if you get into the habit of doing it, you’ll miss out on many opportunities to make your content more interesting.

If you’re at a loss for ideas, crouching down or placing your camera on the ground are easy ways to take the picture from a different angle of view. In addition, placing your camera on the ground has the advantage of providing additional stability.

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Taking pictures from close to the ground offers several interesting creative opportunities. For example, you can take a photo of a landscape through the grass, and you can take photos involving puddles and borders if you are in a city.

Spice up your photos

If you don’t feel inspired by your photography, now is the time to change things. Often times, we take “boring” photos because we don’t think about our surroundings and what we can use to our advantage.

After reading this guide, you should have some ideas to at least get you thinking about how to make your photos a little more interesting the next time you go out with your camera.

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