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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Arts for All Kentucky strives to include all people, one craft at a time.

“Our mission is to provide accessible and inclusive arts programming so that everyone can be involved, to make it a welcoming experience,” said Delaire Rowe, executive director of Arts for All Kentucky.

Since 1987, the organization has offered programs in the visual arts, literary arts, music, dance and more.

These activities are particularly beneficial for people with disabilities and children.

“They may tend to be more isolated and not have the same opportunities that most of us take for granted,” Rowe said.

Art can be a creative outlet for self-expression.

“It’s a non-verbal form, sometimes, if you’re talking about visual arts, a form of non-verbal communication. Or it allows them to communicate physically, through movement.

Arts for All Kentucky serves all 120 Commonwealth counties, and the hub is located here in Bowling Green.

And a staple of community events, the organization has activities for everyone, like hands-on art walking at Friday’s Community Block Party.

“We’re going to use these paint sticks. They are very easy to use, anyone can do it, just choose a color. We will have them available and that’s it, you just have to color them.

Their goal is to get enough paintings to end up in a new exhibit.

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