Battlefield 2042 developer promises more aim assist changes to come

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE is responding to console player complaints with aim assist as well as other issues after the game’s Patch 3.1 update.

battlefield 2042 aiming aid

Battlefield 2042 has, unfortunately, had more than a few issues since launching on November 19. DICE has worked hard to try and fix these issues and has made good progress on the game so far, but Battlefield 2042 players still want to see some changes before they are happy with the experience.

The latest issues players have encountered with the game relate to the aim assist mechanic on consoles. Aim assist was believed to have been fixed in Battlefield 2042patch 3.1 update, but many console gamers haven’t noticed much of a difference since the update. Fans of the game reached out to the developers on Twitter to report the issue, prompting one developer to respond and explain that the game’s aim assist mechanic has only been “tweaked” and not fully fixed. with more changes to come.


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Players mainly encountered an issue with the mechanic as addressed in the Patch 3.1 patch notes. The patch notes read: “Improvements to ensure aim assist is more consistent during console play.” It made the mechanic appear to have been fixed, although many fans found it sporadic rather than completely fixed, which caused the players to re-worry. will be interesting to see how DICE tackles the issue in the future.

A very urgent bug that DICE fixed in Update 3.1 caused some Battlefield 2042 players become invisible when they engage in a multiplayer match. It was a good decision on DICE’s part to correct the problem quickly as it very easily could have been considered a game break if it had been encountered by players more frequently.

Another glitch that is slightly less revolutionary than a Battlefield 2042 Recently experienced player saw a player become trapped inside an osprey. While this isn’t an issue that many players would like to experience during an intense multiplayer match, thankfully it hasn’t been widely reported until now.

Despite the difficult launch of the game, Battlefield 2042 still seems to be selling particularly well. This is a positive sign as good sales will encourage DICE to continue working on the game and adding new content through updates in order to satisfy its player base. The good sales also testify to the fact that under the buggy, Battlefield 2042 is a staple that players should be able to enjoy for a while.

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