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These inspiring journals that teach you how to take care of yourself and take a step towards a better life

How to Carry What Can’t Be Mended: A Grieving Journal by Megan Devine

A must-have journal for the times, How to Carry What Can’t Be Mended isn’t your cliché workbook with checklists. Journaling helps you not to overcome grief, but to accept it first. Introduce yourself to self-healing exercises that include writing prompts to honor your pain and grief, and learn what it means to find meaning in your loss. Devine rightly says, “Being allowed to speak the truth about your grief is an incredibly powerful act. It is not just a journal, but your everyday companion in accepting your grief and finding your own truth.

A Year of Zen: A 52-Week Guided Journal by Bonnie Myotai Treace

This journal provides you with a year of writing instructions that help you explore yourself, think, and be mindful about living a happy and peaceful life. For those who practice the art of Zen, are new to or even those unfamiliar with Zen Buddhism – this is your go-to journal with writing exercises drawing attention to meditation and intellectual growth.

Becoming: A Guided Journal to Discover Your Voice by Michelle Obama

Get to know the journey to becoming the First Lady of the United States of America as Michelle Obama shares with her readers her own path to self-discovery. This is a memoir based on the challenges of being Mrs. Obama and the myriad stories that come with the responsibilities. Filled with stimulating questions and prompts, this book helps you reflect on your own personal journey with your goals, challenges, and dreams. Are you ready to discover and rediscover your story?

The Intuitive Eating Journal: Your Guided Journey to Nurturing a Healthy Relationship with Food by Elyse Resch

Here’s an illustrated journal that provides all the tools you need for intuitive eating! Now one can develop a healthy relationship with food without needing to emulate “diet culture”. Respect for your body is important, and the journal is filled with instructions to help you find joy and satisfaction with eating. It also helps you find peace with food and offers a way to explore yourself as a whole new person.

The Me Journal: A Remembrance Questionnaire by Shane Windham

Write down your unique stories, thoughts, opinions, hopes and dreams with help from Shane Windham. The categories in this journal include “Your Lists”, “This-That”, “Your Favorites”, “Random”, “What Are Your Thoughts”. These questions and activities are not only fun, they are thought-provoking too! Grab a copy of this journal for yourself or gift it to your friend who needs a boost of positivity in their life.

Light in the Dark: A Winter Diary by Horatio Clare

A beautiful diary of The Light in the Dark by Horatio Clare, talks about the author’s feelings during the winter. It describes Clare’s journey through her transition from autumn to winter in the UK, her emotional and psychological responses to seasonal changes as well as physical changes in nature. If you are someone who deals with seasonal sadness or the winter blues, this book is recommended for you.

A Year of Us: One question a day to spark fun and meaningful conversations by Alicia Muñoz

In the busy life of a couple, it’s hard to find a moment to connect. Spend a few minutes each day telling stories and sharing feelings with this couple’s annual journal filled with insightful questions. With the help of a daily prompt, you can now discover each other’s dreams, laugh together, and make new connections. Each page of this journal will inspire conversations about future goals, emotions, romantic relationships, hobbies, or any other interesting topic. Rekindle your memories by asking questions such as “What has been one of the most transformative or meaningful times you’ve had with me since we’ve been together?” Or have fun while you ask a random question like “Which animal do you think most embodies you, and why?” And mine ?

The 5 Minute Gratitude Journal: Thank, Practice Positivity, Find Joy by Sophia Godkin

Build a better habit, find and develop an attitude of gratitude with this simple positivity journal. The 5 Minute Gratitude Journal allows you to easily and happily develop your daily practice with insightful prompts in just a few minutes. It will inspire you to take things big and small that you take for granted and make a difference in your life. If you’re feeling down or even struggling to cope with your Monday blues, get this book and practice mindfulness-based exercises with powerful quotes and positive affirmations.

The Anxiety Journal: Exercises to Relieve Stress and Eliminate Anxiety Wherever You Are by Corinne Sweet

For someone who suffers from anxiety, this journal is of great help! From phobias and social anxiety to Generalized Anxiety (GAD) and everyday worries, anyone can use this journal where the author encourages you to use CBT techniques and mindfulness exercises to help you better understand your anxiety. The first step in dealing with your struggles and racing thoughts is to first recognize and accept it. Get the peace and quiet you’ve always been looking for with the help of this anxiety journal.

Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples by Ashley Kusi and Marcus Kusi

Plan all adventures with your partner using this couples journal. You can create 50 unique bucket list goals that you want to accomplish together. Other than that, save any adventure memories you have created together! Add photos and make a wonderful album. Running out of adventure ideas? The journal contains 115 bucket list ideas for couples. Plan, live and record your happiness life together in one place.

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