Buy Unified Communications in the Age of Hybrid Work

Since the pandemic, few technologies have gained more attention than UC as a service. More and more, today’s companies recognize the need for an aligned communications environment if they are to stay ahead of the competition. Without the right relationships between staff, shareholders and customers, a business simply cannot survive.

During the 2020 transition to remote working, many companies have discovered how important it is to have a flexible, scalable and versatile communication model. Even now that pandemic restrictions are lifted, companies still believe the future of work will be a hybrid model of remote and office operations.

This increase in hybrid and flexible working means that UCaaS is more essential than ever to keep everyone in the business productive and connected. So if you are planning to make the transition to unified communications, how exactly should you plan your purchasing strategy?

Why UCaaS?

Unified Communications and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) are quickly becoming synonymous. While some organizations continue to prefer the standard legacy unified communications environment, they can manage themselves; most companies are starting to see the benefits of a more flexible cloud solution.

Unified Communications as a Service is essential in the age of hybrid work. It enables businesses of all sizes to support their employees wherever they are with communication features that are easy to provide and manage. No wonder UCaaS investment has skyrocketed over the past two years, with a projected value of $ 59.51 billion by 2027.

With a UCaaS solution, businesses have the freedom to invest in the tools and services their employees need in a changing landscape and to deploy new functionality with the click of a button.

When the pandemic arrived and pushed companies of all sizes to work remotely, companies discovered how beneficial a flexible working strategy could be. Today, few companies want to go back to a fully in-house workforce. This opens the way for new demands in the unified communications space. Businesses need more than just a reliable communications provider; they need something that can adapt to their needs as their business transforms.

Why subscriptions make sense for hybrid work

Subscriptions make a lot of sense in a flexible environment.

The UCaaS subscription model represents the perfect opportunity for the future of hybrid work. Unlike other traditional investments that involve locking customers into a specific engagement for a certain number of minutes, numbers, and features each year, a subscription model is much more flexible. Businesses can use the “as a service” subscription to add and remove functionality as their business grows. It’s the perfect way to stay adaptable to the hybrid workforce.

A UCaaS subscription model can include:

  • Flexible licensing options: Businesses can quickly increase the number of cloud connections or extensions and add new features to their offering as their needs change. It is quick and easy to adapt to a changing landscape. You can add more software telephony technology to your business as the number of your remote workers grows, or unlock additional support with your office hardware and technology, depending on your needs.
  • Simple procurement: A UCaaS subscription model is particularly effective when it comes to providing employees with UCaaS technology in a modern environment. Business leaders can simply log into a cloud-based portal and provide remote team members with critical software telephony technology and functionality. There is no need to send an engineer to multiple remote workers located across the country (or even around the world).
  • Custom packages: Many vendors in the UC and UCaaS environment are becoming more flexible in the way they offer their communication technology. Businesses today can often come up with a package that includes everything from call recording functionality to equipment you might need for regular business meetings. At the same time, these packages retain the flexibility to be adapted and upgraded as your business needs change.
  • Add-ons and extensions: Subscription models allow businesses to simply add new features and integrations as they see fit. Many leading vendors may offer UCaaS subscriptions that provide access to additional features such as workforce optimization tools, workplace dashboards, contact center technology, and analyzes. Businesses can simply talk to their provider about what they need and create the perfect subscription model for their needs.

Plus, for companies worried about the financial constraints of building a hybrid workforce in an uncertain economy, the subscription model is highly predictable. You know exactly what you are getting and exactly what you have to pay, so there is minimal risk of additional expenses to worry about when you receive your bill.

Buy the right unified communications solution

In the age of hybrid work, businesses need a reliable, flexible and convenient purchasing strategy that adapts to their needs. Increasingly, today’s UC providers are offering a wider selection of package options to make UC more accessible to all kinds of businesses. There are even UC packages that can provide access to things like devices and meeting rooms as a service.

These additional extras allow businesses to rent the tools they need for communication on a monthly or annual subscription basis. When the needs of the organization change, the business can simply choose to access new technology or continue with their subscription.

Flexible subscription options can even include adding APIs, custom integrations, and CPaaS elements in a unified communications environment, so businesses can access a wider range of products for a lower price. One of the biggest benefits of unified communications is processing a single invoice for all of your communication needs.

Of course, there is more to think about when purchasing your UCaaS offering. Along with just looking at things like budgeting and purchasing requirements, you should also consider the exact selection of features that you need. Remember, buying the perfect UC solution means choosing something that can meet the needs of your employees now and provide opportunities for your business for years to come.

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