“ Call My Tv ” – A new style of communication now made possible in Saudi Arabia by Huawei Vision S

Huawei officially launched its next-generation TV – the Huawei Vision S – on May 27, with prices starting at SR 3,499 ($ ​​933) in Saudi Arabia. With this new product, Huawei is ushering in a new collaborative and interconnected era for the intelligent enterprise ecosystem.

The Huawei Vision S comes in two sizes, 55 and 65 inches, and serves as the hub for Huawei’s all-scenario smart connectivity solutions. It supports MeeTime Full HD 1080p video calling with its 13 MP magnetic camera, distributed multi-device collaboration, a 120 Hz display and incredible Huawei sound, all working together for intelligent interaction and facilitating revolutionary audiovisual immersion. and intelligent interactions.

The Huawei Vision S series will be available for pre-order from June 3, on the official Huawei website and at select retailers.

In fact, Huawei Vision has made “TV calls” a fashionable new form of communication. Huawei MeeTime video calling is a feature designed to make video calling easier and more versatile than ever before, while Huawei Vision S certainly brings some benefits beyond a new entertainment content network. Take TV calls as a prime example; This feature enabled by the astounding MeeTime Full HD 1080p video calling could fundamentally change the way we communicate from home. It’s an example of how technology can bring people together, right from the comfort of their living room, and how people can now use this next-gen TV and not just rely on their smartphones to make video calls. crystal clear clarity.

Premium video calls with MeeTime and 13 MP magnetic camera

The Huawei Vision S has been designed for ease of use, including support for MeeTime Full HD 1080p video calling function. When chatting with friends via MeeTime on your phone, you can seamlessly transfer the current call to Huawei Vision S as soon as you walk in the door, for a true face-to-face experience. .

The Huawei Vision S is equipped with a 13 MP Magnetic Suction Camera, which allows you to make and process 1080p video calls in 1920 × 1080 splendor from the big screen. The camera adjusts fully 180 °, to make sure you always get the perfect view.

Distributed multi-device collaboration: the springboard for the intelligence of all scenarios

The Huawei Vision S has a rich array of next-generation intelligent interaction features, which allow it to seamlessly interact and collaborate with other smart devices, and even incorporate the features and attributes of the Huawei Vision S. ‘a smartphone or other device. For example, it is equipped with the OneHop Projection feature, which allows you to transfer your phone’s screen to the big screen in the blink of an eye, just by pressing your phone against the Huawei Share icon on the remote control. The two devices don’t even need to be paired or connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Mirror Control with Phone feature allows you to control the Huawei Vision S directly with your phone, mirroring the content displayed on your phone screen. Once your phone is projected onto the Huawei Vision S, you can prevent incoming call reminders and notifications from showing on the screen, keeping your private information and correspondence out of sight. Pictures, audio, videos, apps, among other files, can be transferred from your phone via Huawei Share, literally in an instant.

Distributed game, with a phone that has become a gamepad

The Huawei Vision S also ushers in a new paradigm for smart screen entertainment with its distributed gaming capability. It allows you to use your phone as a gamepad, when playing on a bigger screen. The phone’s touchscreen, gravity sensor and gyroscope can provide a more intense and immersive gaming experience. The games are loaded directly from the Huawei Vision S and therefore run much easier than you could ever imagine.

Stunning 120Hz picture and Huawei sound

Audiovisual entertainment is a highlight of Huawei Vision S. It sports a 120Hz refresh rate display that covers 92% of the DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and is enhanced with low blue light and flicker-free technologies. TÜV Rheinland certified, to ensure realistic viewing on every frame, while protecting your vision.

Huawei’s unique image engine, Honghu, works in concert with Motion Estimation and Compensation Technology (MEMC) and fine-grained graphics processing technology, to deliver silky-smooth images with exceptional color saturation and contrast. . Remarkably, Huawei performs color calibration for each Huawei Vision S during the manufacturing process to ensure that each device generates the same effects.

Vision S houses four 10W speakers, two full frequency and two high frequency, and a huge 1L sound cavity, taking audiovisual entertainment to a whole new level. Armed with unique patented technology, the dual high-frequency speakers bring out the richness of high-frequency sounds and vocals, rendering them with crystal-clear clarity, to make the movie dialogue appear to be performed right in front of you. Virtual sound field expansion technology enables the Huawei Vision S to transcend physical limitations and virtually reproduce surround sound from both sides of the device, creating an all-encompassing immersive sound field.

Videos, regardless of their nature, are generally rendered with the same audio and visual settings on traditional TVs. But Vision S is able to identify what is currently playing and adjust the outputs to create the best picture and sound possible. For example, when playing a movie, it will automatically switch to Cinema mode to produce a more evocative effect.

The Huawei Vision S really stands out as a next-gen TV, delivering powerful features like Full HD 1080p MeeTime video calling, distributed multi-device collaboration, and top-notch audio and picture quality.

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