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The Panthers went 13-14 last season.

(ABC 6 News) – Last year was about as high and low as it gets for the Century Panthers; finishing with a 13-14 record as they seek to establish consistency The team believes that as the season progresses, their growth and progress will come.

“I think we just have to make sure we hit the right shots and really slow it down,” junior guard Taylor Clarey said. “Maybe if we’re ahead by five or ten to slow down a bit and make sure we’re getting some quality shots.”

“Yeah, what I like about our team is that we’re really scrappy and try to get all the balls we can,” added junior forward Ella Zmolek. “I think our defense is pretty good. Just try to get all the balls you can and play well d.

“A lot of teams can see how we grew last year as a team,” noted head coach Chadd Clarey. “When we entered the pitch, we didn’t win easily. All these girls are fighting for the same goal and I think they will give their best to each team.

The Panthers begin their season on November 29 at home against Mankato East.

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