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This “Gaming for Good” strategy involves targeting gamers to partner with charities to raise funds, often through sponsored live broadcasts and other gaming events.

Charitable fundraisers focus on gamers for good reason. the global gaming market is expected to reach £ 185 billion by 2025 and there are currently over 2.5 billion people around the world playing games.

But how can charities find players and streamers to help raise money for good causes?

Search for Twitch

the Tic The platform is essential for hosting live gaming fundraising events and reaching out to donors within the gaming community.

The platform is easy to use for gamers to live stream their gameplay. Their subscribers can watch and comment in real time. Playback of previous streams can also be viewed.

Twitch is also a great database of streamers and in particular their large audience among Gen Z.

Charities are advised to search Twitch to find potential players to fundraise, who can earn over £ 100,000 per month from streaming.

Big names can often be found on Twitch’s front page carousel, which the platform presents every day.

Some of the bigger accounts have several million followers. Tyne ‘Ninja‘Blevins, for example, has 16.8 million subscribers and is the most popular game streamer on the platform.

Other major accounts include Turner ‘Tfue‘Tenney, who is popular among those who play Fortnite, Minecraft, and Warzone games. Another is Michael ‘To wrap up‘Greziek, who is popular among first person shooters.

Other research methods include using game categories. Research on Twitch also gives charities the ability to gauge what kind of person the streamer is and whether they are likely to match their good cause and mission.

Use search tools

A range of free tools are available to help charities find streamers. This includes PowerSpike, where searches can be filtered by genre, average views, geographic location, as well as community activity and community sentiment. It also allows users to search if they have ever mentioned the brand name of the charity.

Streamers and game influencers also regularly use social media. Searching Twitter using hashtags like #Twitch and #gaming can also be helpful.

Don’t just focus on big-name players

Charities are advised not to target only reputable game streamers. These famous names, with thousands of followers and subscribers, can already be targeted by charities around the world.

Instead, an effective tactic used by charities already is to target a wide range of players, regardless of how many followers they have.

Presenter on the Cane and rinse The Leon Cox gaming podcast urges charities to “temper expectations” when identifying and approaching players for a fundraising event.

He remembers how the talks started with a charity that got in touch “but it never really turned out.”

“They were very nice but they needed a little more from us than what we could offer in terms of time and commitment because we are part time,” said Cox. “Small outlets will be incredibly eager to get involved, but also can’t deliver what the big players can.”

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