Communication and connection are important to Cornerstone School Division

Its official nickname is: System Goal # 4, the division is to systematically build, strengthen and maintain two-way communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Short form: keep in touch.

With this mandate in mind, two key figures from the South East Cornerstone Public School Division (SECPSD) Communication and Connection System staff provided key connectivity information to board members attending a live version. line of their monthly general session on May 19.

Calli Cugnet, who advances the division’s social media presence, and Carolyn Thompson, Executive Assistant to the Director of Education / CEO, gave the presentation after an introduction to System Goal 4 by the Director of the Lynn Little education.

Cugnet spoke about the division’s outreach on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

She said all of these platforms are used by SECPSD, with Facebook getting the most engagement.

“We started the school year with 816 followers of our page and have grown to 1,484 so far. You will find our page by searching in South East Cornerstone Public School Division, ”she said.

The division’s Twitter account currently has 702 followers. Cugnet pointed out that since Facebook and Twitter have options for followers to share, the division’s posts could end up reaching more people. She said she knew a few Twitter posts reached as many as 2,000 readers and Facebook posts reached as many as 12,000.

Cugnet said she created an Instagram account for the division in December 2020 and currently has 294 followers.

“For the most part, I try to post the same things (on each platform) so that parents who follow only one all get the same information,” she said.

LinkedIn is more engaged as an employment platform.

“As soon as division employees have joined LinkedIn and listed the division as a current or past location, the platform creates a sales page. This has been beneficial as I just started using this platform this month and we already have 245 subscribers. Posts on LinkedIn will differ from the other three, as it’s more of a niche platform, focused on job postings and what makes it an attractive place to work. “

She said social media posts highlighted things like the French immersion program due to start this fall, as well as job postings, treaty education information, efforts staff that require additional recognition and other issues.

Mental health consultant Raylene Forseth and Cugnet have launched a weekly social media campaign to raise awareness about mental illness issues by providing simple strategies for families to use to optimize mental health.

“We called this campaign Mental Health Monday and are using that title as a hashtag,” she added.

A newsletter is the other medium used to share information directly with parents and caregivers. It is posted on the division’s website and by email at the start of each month. It brings stories from schools, retirement announcements, upcoming events, and other important messages.

The Cornerstone @ Home page is located in the Families tab of the website and is dedicated to the partnership between home, school and community.

“You’ll find links to videos, articles and information for parents and caregivers that link school learning with physical, social and emotional well-being,” Cugnet said.

In this site there are links to social media accounts and Kitchen Table Connections which is a series of videos created by the Student Services team.

Thompson added to the report noting how she connects with the provincial Department of Education through a special communications program on a bi-monthly basis. She said they usually last around half an hour and it brings school divisions and the ministry together to share information and ideas.

She also indicated that she posted highlights of council meetings as well as a contract media report on council sessions on the website.

In her summaries, Thompson said she responds to a number of media inquiries that are typically directed to people or departments responsible for various areas of expertise. These queries typically request information on topics such as program and faculty decisions, classrooms, speed zones, enrollment, cell phone use, negotiations, return-to-school decisions. school, upcoming French immersion projects or perhaps distance learning options.

She said she received 1,601 contact emails this school year and it could have been media inquiries or emails referring to parental concerns, forgotten passwords, transportation issues, board highlights or other news.

All in all, being in touch is a big deal for Cornerstone.

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