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Dublin, 16 Feb. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The report “Net Zero by 2050 – Industrial Decarbonization Gains Momentum to Fight Climate Change” has been added to from offer.

This report highlights the current state and future potential for decarbonizing high-impact industries such as energy and utilities, metals and mining, chemicals and petrochemicals, transportation, and construction.

It showcases viable decarbonization solutions that leverage renewable energy technologies including hydrogen, energy efficiency, electrification, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) to achieve the goals. from net zero.

In a world where climate change is increasingly influenced by industrial emissions, the decarbonization of the industrial sector becomes the immediate priority to phase out CO2 emissions linked to the use of fossil fuels.

As countries and companies aim for net zero emissions by 2050, the term “industrial decarbonization” is gaining momentum as a fusion of emerging technologies, advanced materials, smart policies, bold investments and new business models to push some of the world’s largest industries to phase out carbon. of the process chain.

Overview of industrial decarbonization and high impact industries, key stakeholders providing solutions in each industry, noise created in the media, venture capital investment trends, examples related to the implementation of decarbonization technologies such as renewable energy including hydrogen, energy efficiency, electrification and carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS), deposition and grant trends patents, and the future potential of industrial decarbonization to reach net zero.


  • Technology Decoding: Features the impact of climate change, facts and figures, the need for industrial decarbonization, technology overview, notable global efforts, and a disruptor market map.
  • Media & Trend Analysis: Highlights presenting decarbonization from a media perspective – top news and praise from social media promoting the technology. The section presents the decarbonization commitments of global companies to reach net zero. It also includes mentions of decarbonization in company annual statements and hiring trends.
  • Investment Radar: Describes venture capital funding trends by value, volume, and geography with some of the popular deals, notable investors, active startup accelerators, and CVC investors pumping millions into tech growth.
  • Innovation Explorer: Showcases game-changing business innovations with a focus on startups. Select company-startup partnerships that are inclined towards future product developments. The section also highlights notable solutions from major technology vendors.
  • IP Landscaping: provides a global analysis of patent filing and grant trends, technology leaders, filing trends by technology and industry, priority countries and some patents of interest in the development of industrial decarbonization technology .
  • The Road Ahead: summarizes drivers and challenges, COP26 pledges, business commitments, digitization in decarbonization, potential policies to promote decarbonization, CO2 use and outlook.

Main topics covered:

1. Decryption of technologies: impact of climate change, facts and figures, need for industrial decarbonization, notable efforts and main disruptors

2. Media and trend analysis: Popular news posts, decarbonization commitments, thought leadership, social media traction, mentions in company filings, and key hiring trends

3. Investment Radar: Venture Capital Investment Trends by Value, Volume, and Geography Top Investors, Active Startup Accelerators, and Venture Capital Investors and Recipients

4. Innovation Explorer: exciting innovations, solutions from key technology providers and strategic partnerships with companies to accelerate the development of decarbonized solutions

5. IP Landscaping: Patent Filing and Grant Trends, Top Patent Applicants, Technology Leaders, Top Filing Trends by Technology and Industry, and Interesting Patents

6. The Way Forward: Drivers and Challenges, COP26 Pledges, Business Commitments, Digitization, Emerging Concepts, Potential Policies, Future CO2 Use and Prospects

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