ECS Global’s impactful retail communication solutions improve their customers’ return on investment

ECS5 Multimedia Suite

ECS Global is a retail solutions software company that offers ECS5, a retail solution that integrates digital and print signage in one place, and enables consistent messaging and branding. Recently, Nucleus Research discovered that retail stores using ECS5 achieve return on investment (ROI) in two main areas; the simplification of the management of their retail presentations and more time to devote to the strategy than to the process.

Retail stores use different types of signage throughout the store to inform and attract their customers. This includes printed signage, shelf labels, digital signage, and signage with video content. Managing a combination of all these solutions to keep it accurate and consistent can be difficult enough in one store and it becomes even more difficult and time consuming to manage multiple stores. ECS5 from ECS Global is a solution that integrates everything in one place so it can be managed quickly and efficiently with one central tool. In ECS5, stores can design, update and implement real-time digital signage across multiple locations. This ensures up-to-date and consistent messaging and branding.

As Nucleus Research has discovered, the ability to easily manage all print and digital signage in one place creates an excellent return on investment for retail stores. This dramatically reduces the time spent managing and implementing these retail communications solutions and ensures accuracy across all sites. Nucleus Research has also found that integrating this management gives retailers more time to spend on strategy as opposed to the process of creating and managing the signs themselves. Putting more effort into the strategy will ultimately make it more effective, which will improve ROI.

About ECS Global, Inc.

ECS Global, Inc. provides software solutions for businesses in a variety of industries around the world. Their software solutions, including ECS5, allow their customers to manage their messaging and branding by integrating digital and print signage into a single tool. ECS Global has helped thousands of businesses around the world deliver accurate and consistent communications to their customers, employees and partners through their innovative retail solutions.

You can learn more about ECS Global, Inc. and the ECS5 software solution by visiting their website at

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