FBI Releases National Use of Force Statistics

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FBI statistics for 2021 showed that 8,226 law enforcement agencies submitted use of force data to the National Use of Force Data Collection, operated by the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. (UCR) of the FBI.

Agencies represent over 60% of federal, state, local, tribal, and college/university sworn officers. The FBI also noted that the first quarter 2022 data reported to the FBI for the period January to March 2022 has also been released.

The quarter reflected 6,773 law enforcement agencies that submitted use of force data to the National Use of Force Data Collection, representing more than 40% of all sworn officers federal, state, local, tribal, and college/academic.

According to the report, last year, 50.7% of use-of-force incidents submitted to the FBI resulted in serious bodily injury, 33.2% resulted in the death of a person, and 17% involved the discharge of a person. firearm at or in the direction of a person.

The FBI reported that the most reported reasons for contact involved agents responding to illegal or suspicious activity (56.8%), followed by traffic stops (11%), warrants/court orders (10.1%); medical, mental health or wellness checks on individuals (7.6%); routine patrols other than traffic checks (3.2%); and follow-up surveys (2.7%).

With respect to use-of-force incidents, the report determined that officers most often encountered individuals who did not comply with verbal orders or other types of passive resistance.

According to the analysis, other types of resistance included showing a weapon to an officer or other person, attempting to escape or flee from custody, using a firearm against a officer or other person and resist being handcuffed or arrested.

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