Governor Tony Evers announces his candidacy for 2022 re-election at state convention | Local government


Governor Tony Evers speaks at the Democratic Party’s virtual convention on Saturday.

Riley Vetterkind, State Journal

In an expected move, Gov. Tony Evers announced his candidacy for re-election at his party’s annual virtual convention on Saturday, officially kicking off a gubernatorial race that will test the emboldened state Democratic Party by a recent presidential victory.

The midterm elections in about a year and a half will present a significant challenge for the party, which will have to contend with the harsh realities of off-year elections, when the party that is not in the White House tends to win seats. .

Sounds and sounds of Janesville as supporters of Donald Trump arrive for a rally on Saturday.

In announcing his candidacy for 2022, Evers presented himself as “the real governor of education” and highlighted the high stakes of the election, listing a litany of Democratic priorities, such as protecting a woman’s right. with abortion, protection of protections against pre-existing conditions. in health care, recognizing climate change and defending American democracy.

Before winning the gubernatorial election, Evers served as state superintendent and slammed former Republican Gov. Scott Walker for running as an “education-friendly governor” in his unsuccessful candidacy for office. his re-election in 2018.

“Wisconsin, I’m in it. I’m running for re-election,” Evers said. “We have accomplished a lot in recent years, but we are only just getting started. We still have work to do, together.

“This is the time when we can choose to solve the big problems in Wisconsin and bounce back stronger than ever. It means doing what’s best for our children, creating well-paying jobs, fixing our infrastructure, supporting small businesses and ensuring everyone has access to quality, affordable health care – whatever we want for our state. ”


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