“He’s the king… It’s essential to have that rapport like you would with Kareem, like you would with Michael Jordan”

James Worthy underlined the importance for LeBron James and Darvin Ham to have good communication to succeed.

LeBron James and Darvin Ham must maintain good communication

The three-time champion and LA Lakers legend said:

“[LeBron’s] the king. … It’s key to have that rapport like you would with Kareem, like you would with Michael Jordan.

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With any new coach, it is important to have good communication with the team. However, maintaining that with a player like LeBron James comes with its challenges.

Often referred to as ‘LeGM’, James has been criticized for the influence he has had on past team decisions. Some say he’s to blame for this year’s hiccups with Russell Westbrook, after LeBron was the driving force behind his acquisition.

Being able to keep a good line of communication open with LeBron James allows the relationship to grow honestly. LeBron and Ham having a history together helps. They may have only shared the pitch as opponents for a short time, but that’s ancient history nonetheless.

James Worthy spent his entire career with the Lakers and, as a result, shared the floor with greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Also playing against a young Michael Jordan, Worthy has seen what it takes for coaches to manage players with big personalities.

LeBron has expressed excitement for Darvin to start working with the Lakers, so he appears to support the decision. It’s a good idea for the future, as James is usually not one to rule out players or coaches.

“The King” can use his influence to push team decisions that some players don’t get the chance to make. However, LeBron arguably earned that right. This year may not have paid off as Los Angeles fans had hoped, but James’ influence still lured Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook to the same team.

There aren’t too many players who have such an attraction in the league. His appeal is a combination of the allure of playing with him and the influence James has on HQ.

Being able to manage this level of influence can be difficult for some coaches. Many coaches would find it hard to stomach a player making decisions he should be making. LeBron and Darvin having a history, no matter how small, is an advantage the former coaches didn’t have.

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