Honeydew Toastmasters meet for the first time since Covid

After meeting for the umpteenth time online, the Honeydew Toastmasters Club chose to return to a face-to-face meeting, much to the delight of most members.

On Monday May 10, Honeydew Toastmasters held their meeting and before it started new members were inducted (which was not possible before Covid) and they all received their official badges.

The new inductees are now proud members of the Honeydew Toastmasters Club, which prides itself on being a fun environment to learn to speak and to lead.

Meetings always consist of three parts:

• Prepared speeches:

Members have the opportunity to give a prepared speech – which normally ranges from five to seven minutes – on topics chosen by them with guidance from the particular path for which they have signed up.

Prepared speeches were presented, considering the meetings had been confined online for so long.

• Table themes:

These are the impromptu speeches. Anyone present can volunteer to do so for one to two minutes.

The subjects at the table took a different turn, and those who raised their hands to participate were required to give a one to two minute speech from a photo they had received.

One of the first-time guests commented that he was amazed how someone could speak for a minute or two just by looking at a photo.

• Evaluation:

The evaluation is always the interesting part because this is where constructive and objective feedback is given to stakeholders.

Clarity, vocal variety, eye contact and gestures are just a few of the full list of criteria that are part of the feedback.

Speakers take these comments into account when preparing their next speech.

Honeydew Toastmasters Club Treasurer Hannes Mare shared the following on what his Toastmasters membership has meant to him. “I feel more confident when I need to speak in front of people. I also became a better listener.

The Honeydew Toastmasters Club meets every second (face to face) and fourth (online) Monday of the month, and guests are welcome (free). They can follow:




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