Hot Topic Weekend Part 2: The Classic Games You Don’t Get

The Last of Us Part 2 – not a happy game (Photo: Sony)

Readers discuss games that they always wanted to get into but never managed to enjoy, from Horizon Zero Dawn Monster Hunter.

The topic of this week’s Hot Topic was inspired by Futterman, who asked if there were any games or franchises that you tried to play but just couldn’t find out about? What exactly was the problem and how much time did you spend playing it?

Almost every classic game you can imagine has been mentioned at some point, with the biggest frustration being games that take a long time to enter or have very complex systems.

Everyone was horrible
I would say The Last Of Us Part 2 is the best example of being really surprised that you don’t like a game. I played the first one and although not a super fan or anything, I do. really like and getting the second was a no-brainer. But right away I just couldn’t get into it and found it to be an increasingly depressing and uncomfortable experience.

I guess that was the point, but while the original was about saving someone and keeping them safe, it was the opposite. Maybe having children made me sweet since the last one, but the relentless violence has really put me off. I think the main thing was that Ellie was so downright evil and unrecoverable, and deserved a lot worse fate than she got.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of the fools who sent death threats because of what happened to the characters in the first game. Everything that happened to them, and the way Ellie acted, was perfectly believable. and realistic. But that’s what made it so upsetting to me. Also, crazy at Tommy. He deserved a lot worse too. And Dina, she was as bad as a facilitator. Everyone was horrible deep down, which is realistic, but that’s not what I want from my escape anymore.

Not a fan
I would say Skyrim is the most obvious answer to this. I feel like an absolute outcast for not enjoying the game, but I just don’t understand the appeal of the game. The combat is terrible, the writing is absolutely standard, the story missions are boring and the gameplay was still a janky mess the last time I played it.

I actually got along well with Fallout 4, even though it suffers from many of the same issues, but for some reason Skyrim never clicked with me. I tried again with the remaster but it still didn’t work. Which makes me oddly more eager to see a new Elder Scrolls than probably most fans, just so I can actually get a chance to enjoy the series!

Boring dinosaurs
Horizon Zero Dawn was the first game that came to my mind for this. Considering the amazing graphics and robot dinosaurs, this seems like the perfect game for me, but I could barely play it for more than six hours before entering it. I think it’s because everything else besides the graphics is really boring. The fight is good, but it’s so safe and too familiar that I just didn’t find myself engaged.

And the story and the characters are so boring, starting from Aloy. I don’t think there’s a single joke or hint of humor in anything I’ve played, the whole game taking itself seriously even though, you know, it does have robot dinosaurs in it. It all looked like it was going to be a lot more fun than before and I’m not sure if I played the second one without things looking a lot different, which they haven’t been so far.

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Definition of insanity
I don’t know why, but I keep reading Monster Hunter reviews and keep thinking it sounds like my type of thing and then it never does. The last one I tried was Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch but I still found it really clunky and repetitive. I appreciate how much of it there is, with all the customization options and the freedom to explore and fight the monsters, but I just don’t like the combat or the controls.

Guess I should take the hint and realize it’s just not for me. I didn’t get Monster Hunter Stories 2, so maybe I learned my lesson. I just hope this holds true once Monster Hunter: World 2, or whatever.

Avoid temptation
Yakuza has always seemed like something I’d love and I’ve tried a few, including Like A Dragon, but just didn’t like them. The cut scenes take way too long, the storylines are never very interesting (although the characters are fun), and the fights are too simple and repetitive – the turn-based and action types.

But I enjoyed Shenmue 3 or the remasters of the first two either, so I’m not sure if my tastes have changed or if that style of play has become too outdated. I was just going to say that the Japanese developers may not be very good at open world games, but you have Zelda: Breath Of The World. However, they are probably not very good for GTA clones.

I don’t know if I would try another Yakuza again, probably not. I only tried Like A Dragon because the fight was completely different and the lead character changed so I’m not sure what they could really do to another to tempt me again.

Hate to hate
I really hated that I hated The Return of the Obra Dinn. At the time I got access to it on PlayStation4, it had a reputation for being an amazing puzzle game, and its visuals, sound, and overall presentation are some of the best I’ve seen.

Unfortunately, its actual gameplay was not my cup of tea.

Outside the club
I’m not a big fan of racing but I have enjoyed some racing games in the past; they tend to be less serious like Mario Kart and Wave Race. I had a Formula 1 game at one point, version 97, but my interest in serious racers, including Colin McRae Rally, made me lose interest after a while.

I then tried Midnight Club: Los Angeles on Xbox 360, due to the different spin of a racing series, with a story mode and favorable reviews – plus it was developed by Rock Star San Diego and London.

The plot is any storyline, but I liked the morning to night conditions on the LA highway system, with its varied traffic and other gameplay dynamics. Getting through the game between easy and medium difficulty, and trying a harder race difficulty every now and then, tested me enough to make me want to finish the game ASAP!

Graphically good, with great weather effects, but there was definitely no replay of the game for me! Just a lesson in life to stop having racing games. It just didn’t interest me and I found it a bit mind-numbing.

I wouldn’t have played it all the way if I didn’t get any satisfaction from it, but it was definitely touch and go and my need for speed is definitely going to be on foot and the weird optional car ride now and again, that’s for sure.

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