Improve your communication skills by enrolling in the Straits Times English Masterclass

SINGAPORE – You have ideas. You want to make an impact with them. But do words sometimes seem to get in the way?

When it comes to communication, it’s often best to keep it clear and simple.

That’s what The Straits Times English Masterclass (Executive Edition) aims to help you do – spot and avoid common pitfalls in the language so you can write and communicate better.

“The trick is to just write plainly, but a lot of people find that difficult,” said Angelina Choy, editor of the Straits Times Forum, 60, who runs the course.

A veteran ST employee, Ms. Choy edits dozens of letters to the editor before they are published in the paper and has more than 30 years of expertise in editing, writing, visual journalism and training. She is assisted by Straits Times Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon, 54.

More than 2,000 adults have taken this course since its launch in 2019.

Mr. Tan, who also oversees the ST Masterclass program, said of the one-day in-person workshop: “Companies and organizations that want to better engage with their stakeholders should send their communications managers to our course so they can pick up some great deals.”

For those interested in using infographics and numbers to tell a story, there’s a Visual Masterclass taught by Associate Art Editor Simon Ang, 56. The award-winning graphic design journalist, who will use hands-on exercises during the session, said: “The course will prepare beginners to deal with graphics right from the start.

“They will determine which visuals to associate with information and data. Tips and methods will also be shared to improve their presentation skills, along with case studies.”

Those short on time can consider shorter courses of two to four hours each, such as Business Presentation, Cyber ​​Security, and Creative Writing for adults, and English Writing, Creative Writing, and Public Speaking for students.

High school students who want to write better can sign up for the online essay writing masterclass led by Ms. Debra Ann Francisco, 45, a teaching specialist at The Straits Times Schools, who uses news stories to impart critical writing skills.

Ms. Francisco has been a teacher of English and literature in Ministry of Education schools for over 14 years, and has been a specialist in teaching news in education and a developer of educational content for student publications The Straits Times IN and Little Red Dot for the past 10 years. .

She said: “The course aims to teach students how to incorporate current events to make their written content more authentic.

“It will also sharpen their understanding of the world and build their vocabulary for writing essays through ST reporting.”

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