Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire: why Israel and Hamas stop fighting and the crisis happens next


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Palestine Pipo enters Gaza streets to rejoice after ceasefire announcement

Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas agree to stop the fighting.

The ceasefire began early Friday, and the end of severe and intense fighting left more than 240 people dead, most of them inside Gaza.

Palestine is entering the streets of Gaza to rejoice over the ceasefire announcement, even though a Hamas official has warned he is still “on the trigger.”

Israel and Hamas do not claim victory in the fight.

US President Joe Biden has said the ceasefire will bring “a real opportunity” for progress.

On Thursday, the day before the ceasefire, more than 100 Israeli airstrikes land on Hamas properties for northern Gaza. Hamas also responded with rocket fire.

How is the ceasefire agreement going?

On Wednesday, tok don dey comot small-small said that Israel began to bow to pressure from the international community, especially from kontris wey dem dey follow do padi-padi.

But even Hamas sef bin is under no pressure to bring down the rockets.

US President Joe Biden told Oga Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday: “We hope I end the tension today and begin my journey towards a ceasefire.”

Egypt, Qatar and the UN are also participating in a ceasefire after following Israel and Hamas.

President Sisi orders two security committees to travel to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories to work on a ceasefire, according to Egyptian state television.

Wetin di two sides tok?

Israel’s political security cabinet said it “unanimously accepts the recommendation” for a ceasefire.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Twitter that it is the damage they are doing to Gaza that gives a military advantage never before achieved.

A Hamas official told The Associated Press that the ceasefire that Israel announced was a “victory” for the Palestinian people and a defeat for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Shortly after the ceasefire we start at 2:00 a.m. Friday (11:00 p.m. GMT Thursday), Palestine is in abundance for the street and roads to celebrate.

But Basem Naim of Hamas’s Council on International Relations told the BBC that I’m not too sure if the ceasefire goes last.

“Without justice for the Palestinians, without stopping the Israeli aggression and the bad Israeli actions against our pipo inside Jerusalem, the ceasefire is not going to have a solid basis”, im tok.

Meanwhile, top Hamas politician Ezzat al-Reshiq even issued a tearful warning to Israel.

“It is not true that the battle ends today, but Netanyahu and the whole world assume they know our hand is still on the trigger,” Reuters told news agency.

“We don’t tell Netanyahu and my army, if you come back, we come back.”


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