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Jonathan De Luzuriaga, Globe Business Ambassador

In this critical period of recovery when businesses are pivoting their operations to take advantage of technology and adapt to changing consumer behavior, mentorship and expert advice is valued. In response to this call, Globe Business announced the recent appointment of Jonathan De Luzuriaga as a brand ambassador for information and communication technologies (ICT).

“With an entrepreneur’s in-depth understanding of how successful businesses work and a clear vision of the spaces where the ICT industry must play to help local businesses thrive, his role as Globe Business Ambassador will be invaluable in co-creating solutions in both an industry level and the level of business operations, ”said KD Dizon, Globe Business’s MSME group leader, who hailed the partnership as a sign of the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and adoption of technology among MSMEs to help improve the lives of their clients.

Paving the way for the Philippine software industry with Jonathan De Luzuriaga

A change agent in the ICT world and long-time partner of Globe Business, De Luzuriaga’s passion for technology has led him to initiate positive and potentially industry-wide changes that benefit systems integrators. and independent software companies, small technology start-ups. and even the local economy.

The main objective is to support the will of the local ICT industry to achieve and maintain global leadership in terms of market share, mind-sharing and innovation. Meanwhile, as President of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), he leads the country’s efforts to build successful inbound and outbound missions to Asia and other parts of the world while seeking new ways to strengthen and increase the competitiveness of the local digital economy to help businesses grow and improve the lives of Filipinos.

“There is no time like the present. Businesses need to take advantage of the wide variety of digital solutions that are readily available to everyone. The ICT sector is predicted to grow by 5% by 2022, further underscoring the importance of organizations’ transition to digital. This is why I am happy to partner with Globe Business as it not only provides MSMEs like us with the right technology to fit our operations, but we also share the same vision of leading the way for the Philippine tech industry. ”Said De Luzuriaga.

The The IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines reported that the IT-BPM industry has demonstrated resilience in the face of unprecedented global disruption, creating 23,000 jobs and generating revenues of $ 26.7 billion in 2020, or an increase of 1.4% compared to the previous year (2019).

De Luzuriaga has also established a tech hub in Negros Occidental called Spring Valley Tech Corp, which is considered the local counterpart to California’s Silicon Valley. It is an autonomous city in the very progressive city of Bago which fosters a community of professionals and learners who produce digital innovations supported by Globe Business’s ICT solutions.

Forging Digitally Advanced Philippines with Globe Business

Globe Business supports Systems Integrators (IS) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) as a partner that provides the connectivity and ICT solutions they need to grow their business. These solutions include Direct Internet for connectivity; Collaboration tools for convenient file sharing and increased productivity; Globe Labs Application Programming Interface (API) for streamlined and efficient customer communications; and cloud solutions for long-term safe and secure cloud storage.

Meanwhile, to increase the digital literacy of local MSMEs, Globe Business has partnered with PSIA for a series of learning sessions to impart key industry information to these tech companies. MSMEs can register and participate in several Globe Business webinars such as the Cybersecurity Masterclass on September 23, the GSummit on September 18 and various Globe Partner Network events.

To learn more about Globe Business’s portfolio of digital solutions for MSMEs, please visit our website at or sign up to speak to an account manager at



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