KMC Solutions establishes a communication center and donates filtration straws to provinces affected by Typhoon Odette

Several provinces in the Visayas region are still recovering a month after Typhoon Odette (international name: Rai) made landfall in the Philippines. While many communities continue to rebuild after the devastation and damage it has caused, many provinces are still reeling without basic necessities such as electricity and running water. KMC Solutions, the nation’s largest provider of flexible workspaces and staff leasing, is extending its resources to help support these communities impacted by their own CSR initiatives. The company is in the process of distributing portable filtration straws to give people access to drinking water and then establishing a communication center on the island of Siargao.

Filtration straws are generally more commonly used for backpacking, backpacking, camping, scouting, travel and emergency preparedness – which have now been used by KMC to supply drinking water to provinces that have minimal access. This led them to develop the KMC Life Straw, a portable and lightweight water straw with an efficient filtration system that removes up to 99.9% of bacteria such as salmonella, cholera, E. Coli and protozoa. Since then, the flexible workspace company has mobilized and distributed over 500 pieces of KMC Life Straws across a number of provinces – donating over 100 straws to Negros Oriental, 200 straws to Siargao and 200 straws to other affected areas.

KMC also has strong ties with the Siargao community, recently partnering with Bravo Beach Resort in July 2021 to roll out its “work from the beach” offering. The popular and beloved tourist destination is now almost unrecognizable after heavy damage it suffered last month, which left hundreds of tourists stranded for days and even more locals losing their livelihoods. Currently, KMC is building solar-powered and generator-powered container vans that can serve as a communications hub while the island slowly recovers, to be stationed at their partner station, Bravo. With the surfing paradise still having little to no electricity, the KMC Communications Center would offer free Wi-Fi connectivity and charging stations that would be available for public use.

With the uncertainty of whether power will return to the island, KMC hopes to keep the lines of communication open with this initiative to provide Siargao with the means to communicate outside the province, thereby keeping the public updated on their current situation.

As many communities still need support, KMC Solutions is working to lend a hand during this time of recovery by providing access to essentials such as open lines of communication and clean, potable water. The company further plans to make further efforts on the internet and collaborate with more partners to reach out to other areas – as this can help not only raise awareness but also enable residents to communicate with their families. and to empower children to continue their schooling and education. .

KMC Solutions has over a decade of experience providing cutting-edge office space and high-performing teams to over 400 global brands and local businesses across multiple industries in the Philippines. With over 55 flexible workspaces in over 23 locations around Metro Manila, Cebu, Clark and Iloilo, their vast geographic footprint enables their customers to work in the most efficient, effective and safest way possible. As the country’s largest provider of flexible workspaces and staff leasing, they are uniquely positioned to provide clients with “who” and “where” they need to establish or expand their business in the Philippines.

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