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Written by Ally Abruscato. Photo courtesy of SCAD

SCADamp allows students to learn more about presentations, job interviews, and professional communication as a whole. All SCAD students have the opportunity to work with the SCADamp studio in different ways. From AMP workshops to one-on-one coaching, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about interpersonal communication.

SCADamp offers a plethora of workshops each quarter to teach speaking, visualization, and connection. Through three different levels, the workshops challenge students to work on their communication skills. After completing 18 workshops, a student will receive a SCADamp Certificate of Completion! They are also excellent ELOs for meeting class requirements for participation. Each student can see the dates and times of these workshops on Blackboard. Under ‘My Communities’, students can find ‘SCADamp’ and then view the ‘Workshop Schedule (PDF)’.

There is still an opportunity to attend a workshop before March Break! If you need to take Level 1 workshops, you can attend AMP 140 “Focus Your Attention” in Savannah at 9 a.m. EST on March 11. You can learn more about these events and register online. Fortunately, even more workshops will be available next quarter!

If you’re nervous about a presentation or an interview, SCADamp offers one-on-one sessions with highly trained coaches. In Savannah, communication coaches Eric Hunicutt and John Staley, as well as visualization coach Jordan Stevens, are available for coaching sessions. You can schedule a meeting with them on Blackboard in the SCADamp community under “Coaching 1:1”. The SCADamp studio in Savannah is part of Ruskin Hall so be sure to check them out!

If you don’t have time right now for a workshop or one-on-one meeting, you can watch previous SCADamp videos. On the SCADamp community page, there are a lot of videos to learn in the “Video Resource Library”. All in all, there are many ways to benefit from the services of SCADamp. Whether it’s workshops, personal meetings or videos, SCADamp has a lot to offer!

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