NASCIO 2021: State IT Leaders to Convene Practically Once Again for Mid-Year Symposium

Top IT executives from all U.S. states and territories will come together virtually for the second year in a row for the annual mid-year conference of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, May 25-27.

NASCIO will coordinate online conference from its headquarters in Lexington, Ky., with presentations and breakout sessions led by CIOs from their homes and offices, covering relevant topics such as cybersecurity, identity management and IT modernization.

While state CIOs will no doubt share best practices for what has worked for their governments over the past year, Emily Lane, NASCIO Program and Brand Director, highlights the future program.

“This is not a lecture giving an overview of what has happened in the past,” Lane says. “Of course, we will talk about the lessons learned, but we aim to capitalize on them and project ourselves into the future. So the sessions are really focused on this forward movement. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to have conversations where COVID-19 isn’t showing up, but that’s really not the goal. How can we now, at this point, move forward? “

NASCIO Director of Policy and Research Meredith Ward explains, “Everyone is looking for the silver lining of the pandemic. The experience has been so trying for everyone, and CIOs are no exception. While being respectful of the tragedy, CIOs really want to know how to move forward. Digital transformation is a huge problem. We have a lot of discussions on the agenda that really talk about it, whether it’s identity and access management with verifying qualified citizens’ access to services or modernizing legacy. to support new services.

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Online conference will focus on IOC priorities

During the three-day conference, state CIOs will lead nine breakout sessions. Tuesday’s sessions focus largely on learning about new states CIOs. Wednesday and Thursday, the topics become professional priorities. “The citizens’ experience is at the heart of all discussions,” says Lane, referring to the common goal of maintaining and expanding ease of access to services.

Lane highlights a session on the last day, “Projecting to 2025,” as a particularly exciting discussion for NASCIO members. Amanda Crawford, Executive Director of the Texas Department of Information Resources, will lead the session with support from Steve Nichols, Technical Director of Georgia; Bill Eggers, executive director of the Deloitte Center for Government Insights; and Lee Rainie, director of internet and technology research at the Pew Research Center.

“It will be an informal discussion of what trends they see through 2025, and how there are divisive things on the horizon, but also some very positive things. We will hear from NASCIO members on these trends. It will be a really interesting session, ”says Lane.

All virtual sessions will be available on request to registered participants for a limited time (approximately June 3 – July 6) through the NASCIO Conference Center after the Symposium. Non-members can participate in the Conference Center Resource Center during the program, but cannot access breakout sessions.

the NASCIO Annual Conference, scheduled for October 10-13 in Seattle, may well represent a return to the in-person meeting. “We’re certainly optimistic about it, but of course we’ll look at the big picture,” Lane says.

Participants seek to develop their capacities to move forward

Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers, often a keynote speaker at association conferences, says StateTech he looks forward to the discussions. On Wednesday, he leads a session on identity and access management.

“My NASCIO colleagues are like family,” says Rodgers. “They bring such a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to networking and learning from my peers and supplier partners.

“My hope after the pandemic is that we will find a way to embrace our marketing efficiency gained through our collective COVID response efforts,” he adds. For example, here in Ohio, we were able to get our vaccine management solution up and running in three weeks, including all aspects under the appropriate regulations. While I am fully in favor of dropping the COVID seven-day weekly work schedule and reverting to a five-day work week, I plan to continue incorporating these best practices for accelerating the implementation. on the market. “

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