Nevada Democrats to bid for top spot in new DNC presidential contest schedule – The Nevada Independent

In a bid to become the nation’s first primary state, the Nevada Democratic Party will bid for one of the top five primary spots as the Democratic National Committee (DNC) works to revise its presidential primary schedule.

“Our primary calendar should reflect the values ​​of our Democratic Party and Nevada is the right place to host a diverse and inclusive First Nations primary in the future,” Judith Whitmer, the state party leader, wrote in a statement. letter to DNC Rules and Bylaws. Committee.

“Now is the time to move our state from the battleground to the forefront of the nominating calendar for future presidential election cycles,” Whitmer continued.

The DNC’s rules and regulations committee last month passed a proposal to nominate up to five states to hold early presidential primary contests, a move that could see Nevada improve on its third-place finish on the nominations calendar. States interested in holding early primaries had to submit a letter of intent by May 6.

The letter pointed out that Nevada is a swing state, which the Democrats have won by only 2 points in the last two presidential elections, and noted that it passed, thanks to the action of the Democratic legislature and the governor, from a caucus state to a primary contest.

Both are factors prized by the DNC panel, along with a racially diverse electorate, which Nevada also possesses.

“Our state party stands with Nevada Democrats in this effort, and we’re proud of the strong foundations we’re building on that have made Nevada a model for how Democrats can win the ballot in a highly competitive state,” the letter mentioned.

Nominations are due June 3, and states will then make presentations to the panel between June 22 and June 26. The rules committee is expected to decide which states can hold early contests at the July 8-9 meetings.

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