NIGCOMSAT to acquire two communications satellites by 2025

The communications satellite will provide downstream services such as distance education, direct-to-home broadcast services, broadband services, telemedicine, among others.

Abimbola Alale, Managing Director of Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited (NIGCOMSAT), announced that the agency will acquire more satellites by 2025, with NigComSat-2 slated for launch in 2023, while NigComSat-3 in 2025.

She said the launch will not only inspire confidence in the agency’s customers and channel partners, but it will also put NIGCOMSAT at the forefront of communications satellite operators with a fleet of orbiting satellites.

Alale added that NIGCOMSAT, in its attempt to achieve its ambition as a leading provider of satellite communications solutions in Nigeria and Africa, obtained approval in early 2020 to form two subsidiaries (SUBCO) the Satellite Infrastructure Company SIC , to provide upstream satellite services such as Transponder Rental and In-Orbit Services (IOT), Operator Spectrum Management (CSM) and Satellite Broadcasting and Broadband Company (SBBC). It will provide downstream satellite services such as broadband Internet services, direct-to-home broadcast services, among others.

She continued, “The SUBCOs have been formed to conduct business activities on behalf of NIGCOMSAT with strategic partners and expand its business operations and into the information and communications technology space. NIGCOMSAT realizes the need to strategically position its subsidiaries for potential opportunities and risks, to put in place operational structures to facilitate its business aspirations. As part of the VSAT / TVRO capacity development program, NIGCOMSAT has trained 600 young people in the six geopolitical zones of the country, adding that they have been equipped with tools to participate in the growth of the digital economy by realizing in time wanted the roles of NIGCOMSAT specified in the National Broadband Plan 2020-2025.

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