NIT Srinagar calls articles and writes articles for the 2020-2021 issue

Contributors can also share their personal experiences related to education and their life at NIT Srinagar: Editor-in-Chief

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar on Sunday announced article submissions, articles for the 2020-2021 issue of the institute’s annual magazine Sabzar.
NIT Srinagar Director, Dr. Prof. Rakesh Sehgal said they have started the content submission process for Sabzar magazine and anyone who is passionate about writing can contribute.
He urged faculty, students and other staff to contribute to the magazine as it will help them share their experiences and background knowledge on various topics.
Prof Sehgal said that after the initial plagiarism and relevance check, articles that pass the quality threshold will undergo a review process and finally find their way into the magazine.
NIT Srinagar Registrar Prof. Kaiser Bukhari appreciated the efforts of NIT Srinagar Director, Prof. Sehgal and Sabzar Magazine Editor-in-Chief Prof. GA Harmain.
He said the magazine will reflect a wide range of ideas, including dominant topics that need to be highlighted in society.
Sabzar magazine editor-in-chief Prof. GA Harmain from the Department of Mechanical Engineering said students and faculty members can contribute through their essays and articles relating to academics, higher education, creative compositions such as poetry, news and interesting anecdotes.
“Even contributors can share their personal experiences related to education and their life at NIT Srinagar. They can also send us their suggestions, their views related to various aspects of the institute, ”he said.
Professor Harmain said that all faculty members, students, researchers, alumni, non-teaching and ministerial staff of the Institute are urged to submit articles on topics of their choice.
He informed that articles will be checked for plagiarism and then the content will be reviewed by members of the editorial board.
“Selected articles will be published in the corresponding section of the magazine,” he added.
“We have also formed a core membership group for Sabzar 2020-21 including Dr Jaya Srivastava, Dr Ravi Bhushan as associate editors, and Mr. Zubabuddin as student writer.
“To facilitate the process, contributors can easily submit their articles, their writings online,” said Professor Harmain.
Meanwhile, in accordance with the notice issued on Friday by the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management, informed that NIT Srinagar will publish the 2020-21 issue of the Institute’s magazine, SABZAR, which will feature four sections, including English, Hindi, Urdu, & Kashmiri.
The Institute fellowship is also encouraged to send captivating photographs of people, places and activities on our campus.
Photographs should be high resolution and can be any size sent in any file format.
All contributors are requested to submit their articles / photos and provide their names, photographs and other details via the google form link which has been shared on all NIT Srinagar social media IDs.
In the meantime, the submission deadline is June 15, 2021.
NIT Srinagar will accept articles in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Kashmiri with a word limit of approximately 1,500 words.

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