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Victoria’s director of health, Brett Sutton, says he believes it’s entirely possible the state could stabilize with high vaccine coverage and a relatively lower number of COVID-19 cases.

Speaking in Saturday’s COVID-19 update, he said that while Victorians are all “fed up” with being stuck at home and not being able to see their friends and family, “he There really is only one way to protect yourself, and that is to follow the rules ”.

A deserted Bourke Street shopping center during Melbourne’s 6th lockdown.Credit:Jason South

“There is no doubt that it is difficult, [however], the alternative is too horrible to consider, ”he said.

“Tens of thousands of cases could be our reality if we don’t maintain … these really delicate constraints on our life, [and] it’s just the terrible dilemma we went through.

“We held back a tsunami of cases for 20 months. He came to us in waves, we pushed him back in waves [and] we have perhaps the greatest challenge we have ever faced.

“But we also have a good path to get out of here with the vaccination, so hold the line over the last few weeks and months until we get high vaccination coverage, which means we can have a high level of immunization. more confidence in seeing people… initially outdoors, initially in these ventilated environments, and in smaller numbers, but we’ll get there.

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