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PadCasting to help others

PASSION Killeshandra’s young man tries to promote mental health through his new podcast

Irish Youth Foundation study shows Ireland will face a mental health crisis following the Covid 19 pandemic if interventions are not carried out.

The “Born and Raised” Killeshandra man Patrick McClean plays a small role in solving the problems facing young people today through his podcast.

The 19-year-old is a St Patrick’s College Cavan alumnus who received grades due in 2020.

He said he “didn’t do too badly” in his graduation certificate, a modest response for someone entering their second year of applied psychology at the Institute of Art, Design and Dun Laoghaire Technology Center (IADT).

“Psychology is a subject that fascinates me enormously, enthuses Patrick.

He explained that his first year at home college was an “interesting experience”.

“It wasn’t really the full college experience, home is a place I normally leave school,” he said, explaining that he would rather let the “stress of education” out of the way. his room.

“It was difficult with some modules, but college made it a bit easier for us this year by not taking exams.”

He said the IADT had opted for a continuous assessment system to take the strain off the students.

“It’s a more practical way to assess our performance over the year. “


After college was over and his last homework handed in, Patrick found himself at a standstill with no work for the summer due to reduced hours.

Patrick decided to go into podcasting to keep busy and created “The PadCast”.

“I started it to stay motivated, but found a passion related to my psychology and talking about mental health.”

He explained that the last year has been particularly difficult for the younger generation.

“A lot of people have been affected by mental health with self-isolation and not seeing friends or going out and not being in school.

“I wanted to get the message across that it’s good to talk about your mental health issues.


Patrick explained that there is a stigma attached to talking about mental health among young people.

Having previously suffered from anxiety and depression, he remembers feeling selfish and worried about being a burden to others if he revealed what he was feeling. He recalled thoughts such as “Do people want to listen to me?” “

He realized that was not the case and on his journey to a better place Patrick said he started to appreciate what he had in his life rather than always looking for something. different.

He said the prospect is very important, noting that at the age of 19 he said he had “barely lived a quarter” of his life.

“I started to love myself for who I am and for the person I can be,” he said.

Patrick said he’s on the better side of his mental health issues, but said “it’s never the end” because life will always throw something at you.

“What I experienced built me ​​as the person I am today, if I looked at myself 10 years ago, I was a very shy and very shy person, I was not open to anything” , he recalls.

He said he wanted to start ‘The PadCast’ to help people realize that it’s okay not to be well, and to be a listening ear for someone who can be. difficulty, which is why it streams the podcast live on Twitch to allow people to join in.

He said five to ten people join the livestream to ask questions, share tips and experiences, and just chat.

“I’m not here to give professional psychological advice, but to give advice on how you can improve yourself and how to do it.

“It’s all based on my own experience, I wouldn’t be talking about a topic if I hadn’t been through it.”

“I don’t want to be big and famous, but I think mental health is something that really affects people now, it’s a serious illness if it’s left untreated,” he said.

He said if his podcast got someone to talk about their struggles, then it was a success.

Patrick and his friends Cormac Smith and Kyle Aldaba talk about all things mental health, college life, exam stress, video games and internet addiction, motivation and phone use among young people .

“There are other topics to come,” he promised.

He said “The PadCast” has a young audience base with an age range of 17 to 25, with followers mainly in Ireland but also in England and America.

There are currently 13 podcasts on Spotify, which you can access by searching for “The PadCast”.

Listeners can join the conversation at

“I’m not going to stop until I have to stop because I would like this to continue,” said Patrick.

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