Parents Bring Bullying, Assault and Non-Communication Allegations Against Meadowlark Elementary

BOZEMAN – When kids come home from school usually they have stories about what happened in the playground or what they learned that day… but the stories these parents hear are quite alarming.

MEADOWLARK’S PARENT, PUBLIC COMMENT: “My daughter was suffocated twice so much that she couldn’t breathe. The boy who did it was sent back to class.

One of many stories shared at the last Bozeman School Board meeting about what a parent community calls a desperate need for intervention at Meadowlark Elementary School.

PARENT OF MEADOWLARK, PUBLIC COMMENT: “We are very concerned about … the climate in Meadowlark, security, intimidation and, frankly, the administration’s lack of effort. “

Several parents have contacted MTN News about their child’s personal experiences and “To initiate a serious investigation into the misconduct matrices and protocols in place for the Bozeman School District.”

And we contacted the school district to get its response to the allegations.

MARILYN KING, ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT EDUCATION: “We are investigating this right now, and I can speak in general terms of our policy on bullying, harassment, bullying and hazing. “

District Policy 3226 specifically identifies what bullying is, prohibits it, and states that it will not be tolerated. But parents say it’s not enforced.

“There is a nice policy. Everything is written, but what concerns me is that it is not being followed. How can we come full circle? “

Problems may not be solved with just one quick fix, but parents have identified what they want the first step to be.

“There has to be some way to open the lines of communication other than just a general email. Now we just need to come together and do better, let it be good, what do we do? Maybe we all need to sit in a room together and do what we’re doing. “

And the neighborhood seems open to it.

MARILYN KING, ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT OF EDUCATION: “When working to solve problems in the district, we ask parents to always start at the lowest level, either at the teacher or building manager level and when parents don’t think the problem has been resolved, that’s when the central office gets involved and the only way to work on solving these types of issues is to open some kind of dialogue and c that is why we are going to reach out to these families.

To make a formal complaint about specific incidents in the district, parents can fill out a form called a Uniform Complaint which can be viewed here. District policy says there is a investigation process what follows.

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