Producer topic opens with EDM and collaboration with Bebe Rexha

The EDM producer tells us about his creativity in containment and his collaboration with Bebe Rexha.

The subject creates an emotional EDM which has deep meaning and high frequency. Unsurprisingly, his songs have reached billions of streams categorized as “melancholy dance music” and achieved Platinum certification in Germany as well as double Platinum in Australia. The star has attracted many collaborators, most recently Bebe Rexha with “Chain My Heart”. In 2020, Topic and Nico Santos relaunched their successful collaboration with their new track “Like I Love You”, and Topic hasn’t stopped since its debut in 2008. We’ve caught up with it just as countries start to sow. ‘open and the live shows are happening again.

Check out the interview below now …

Tell us about your last single “Chain My Heart” with Bebe Rexha? How did this collaboration go? What did you learn by doing it?
Thank you! A7S, who has been my writing partner for a few years now, Petter Tarland, and I started doing the track last summer in Stockholm. We immediately thought the song would need a female voice and also thought it had to be someone who had, say, a little “swag” or attitude in their voice, because the pre-chorus is a little “rappy” and Bebe was actually the first name popped up instantly in our heads. So I’m very happy that she’s on the record now!

What inspired the single?
These days we always try not to get too inspired by something when entering a session. Basically, we’re going with the flow. Sometimes something really great comes to my mind and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s okay. You cannot force creativity.

What was it like shooting the official “Chain My Heart” video with Bebe? Is there a story behind the video?
The shooting of the official “Chain My Heart” video was the best shoot I have had so far. It was more like shooting a movie. It pays homage to industrial-chic music videos from the late 80s / early 90s as well as action films from this era.

You started your career very young, how did it go? Who have been your greatest inspiration and support?
I didn’t even know I had a passion for music until I was a teenager and joined a project created by my old music teacher. It was a project where we could use music programs on computers. And since I was young, of course I was attracted to the media. He recognized that I was talented and encouraged me a lot. I started making music in 2008 and during that time Timbaland and Dr. Dre were my biggest influences! But also Avicii and Swedish House Mafia, to name a few, drew me to EDM.

What if something would you like to know when you started that you know now?
Let everyone put their pants on one leg at a time and that there are no secrets or recipes for making hits. The plus: consistency is the key!

How has the pandemic affected your musical creation? What did you learn from those days when everyone stayed at home?
During the pandemic, I had a lot more time in the studio to create music than usual. Of course, I lost important live gigs like all musicians during the pandemic, but luckily as a producer it didn’t hit me as hard as the artists who rely on live gigs. It gave me a lot more time in the studio to develop my sound and work with other artists. I’ve learned that I don’t like to work remotely though. I love being in the studio with the artists and writers I work with to be the most creative and efficient.

This past year has been tough for everyone for many reasons, so you think we’re entering a roaring twenties era or what do you foresee?
I hope that everything will return to normal very soon and that we can all enjoy the events and festivals again. But I think people will come out even more because they have now relearned to appreciate everything a little more. It’s like a reset button has been pressed and the mindset is different now.

Where do you find new music?
I like to discover music everywhere. Whether in a store, on the radio, at an event or whatever, then Shazam.

Which musicians do you listen to the most at the moment? Known and unknown?
What I’m listening to is very song-based at the moment, not specific musicians. I also like to listen to old songs that I like, which are not limited to any genre. It could be anything from Eminem, old dance classics and also Lana Del Rey or Nelly Furtado.

Who gave you the best advice? what was that?
The best advice was given to me by my music teacher. He was the one who got me to produce in the first place and told me I had to focus on music!

What is your advice for new artists?
You will have setbacks every now and then, but keep going. Persistence and consistency are essential ingredients for success.

Tell us about social media? How do you find this useful? How can I not overuse it?
Social media was really helpful in the beginning as I didn’t have any radio stations playing my music or any playlists added because no one knew my name. But I already had a small fan base and with them I could share my music through social media, they shared it and kept the movement going so that it went viral and others started to notice me, me and my music. I’ve always mainly used social media as a tool to get my music out and that’s what I still do today, but I don’t spend years on social media.

What do you think of fashion? What brands or designers do you gravitate to?
I’m starting to like fashion more and more. It’s interesting that there are even similarities with music. I love to discover new designers and new styles everywhere I go. But my favorite brands or designers are Heron Preston, Balenciaga, Off-White, and Palm Angels.

What do you want people to know about you that you haven’t shared in an interview yet?
Wow, this is tricky. To be honest, I don’t know. Looking at the interviews of the last 2 years, it seems that I have shared a lot.

Define your own version of Wonderland?
Sleep as long as I want and eat what I want and don’t gain weight!

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