RC44 Asia-Pacific Conference 2022

Appointment: June 27-29, 2022
Place: Online via Zoom

Call for Papers

The call for contributions is now open. If you would like to join us, please submit your article summary (150 words) or panel proposal (X words) here before November 30, 2021.

About the conference

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the risks inherent in precarious work and in the odd-job economy, inequalities in access to care, the need to make the voice of workers heard to create safe workplaces, the fragility of global production networks and the urgent political demand from the state for social protection. These crises disrupted established political and economic relations and, for labor movements, created urgent demands for the protection of workers’ health, income and job security and their democratic rights both locally. working than outside. For some movements, crises are also a time to consider alternative social and economic models and a necessary transformation towards a more equitable, low-carbon economy.

This Asia-Pacific conference of the Labor Movements Research Committee of the International Sociological Association (RC44) provides an opportunity for academics, based both inside and outside the region, to examine the agency and potential of workers and their labor movements to shape and make a post COVID-19 world. In particular, we look forward to presentations on the following major themes: the evolution of work regimes; representation of workers in a post-pandemic world; unions and climate change; union responses to migrant workers in an era of COVID; organization in the platform economy; organization in supply chains; workers’ movements under authoritarianism; and international labor actors in Asia-Pacific.


The conference will be held virtually in a 4 hour time slot each day which welcomes participants from across the region. Discussions will be recorded and made available in an online repository, with short recaps and plenty of discussion in parallel panel sessions. In addition, the program will feature daily plenary sessions where two practitioners will join a moderator to discuss.

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