Shacknews Dump – October 15, 2021

Animal Crossing content was plentiful, no one wants Elon Musk in Genshin Impact, and more news is ongoing in this week’s Shacknews Dump.

We have arrived at the end of another week and with another generous helping of the hottest hot topics. Whether it’s Elon in Genshin, Animal Crossing expansions or Shatner in space, we’ve got you covered on Shacknews Dump.

In this October 15 edition of Shacknews Dump, we have a whole collection of Animal Crossing content pigs we can talk about. There’s version 2.0, the new Happy Home Paradise DLC, inclusion in the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack and much more. This is not all, however. Epic Games has finally recovered on its own to admit that it may have lifted Fortnite Imposters among us. Plus, they could work together! Elon Musk and Genshin Impact likely won’t, after a recently suppressed press stunt that contacted the tech CEO left fans cold and confused.

Tune in to these and more hot topics as we air Shacknews Dump at 1:45 p.m. PT / 4:45 p.m. ET on Shacknews Twitch. You can also look just below.

Here are the topics we’ll be talking about in today’s Shacknews Dump:

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Cross your animals and Musk your Genshins. The Shacknews Dump is about to go live with all of the week’s hottest news.

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