The CEO’s echo | December 2021 rankings | Categories: Communication, Social, Responsibility and Excellence of investors

As critical figureheads, CEOs play a key role in how companies are viewed by the public, and therefore it is essential that organizations keep their finger on the pulse of CEO-driven media.

In collaboration with .companion, a data consultancy and KPI expert, Meltwater presents the CEO’s Echo 2021; a monthly analysis of the media intelligence of CEOs at the head of some of the world’s biggest brands. The ranking leverages Meltwater’s media intelligence capabilities and automated analytics by the .companion bot to provide readers with highlights and references in the following areas:

  1. CEO’s total digital footprint

  2. CEO communication excellence

  3. CEO social excellence

  4. CEO accountability excellence

  5. Chief Executive Officer Investor Excellence


CEO Echo ranking of December 2021

Total digital footprint

Communication excellence

Social excellence

Responsibility Excellence

Investor excellence

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CEO Echo ranking of December 2021

35% fewer CEO mentions

Last month, CEO measurement bot .companion found 35% fewer CEO mentions than the average for previous months. Overall, 57% of the mentions CEO Echo captured were generated by online editorial content, while social media generated 43%. In December, the content of CEO Echo saw its engagement drop by 64%. 51% of all CEO mentions were related to financial news, meaning they simply referred to company numbers that are often required to be disclosed by law. In contrast, the context of 49% of mentions was linked to company agendas. Overall, the tone of the mentions was equally positive and negative.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess dominates with 9% CEO Echo coverage

What role does a CEO play in a company’s overall message, whether voluntary or involuntary? the CEO digital footprint aims to answer this question.

In December, Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, received the most media coverage. His share of the vote stood at 8.6%, the largest footprint of any major board member. In second place was Pat gelsinger, CEO of Intelligence, with 6.8%, and Arvind krishna, CEO of IBM, took third place with a 4.5% share of all mentions. 64% of conversations around Dies’ echo were unrelated to company financial data and therefore were above average for calendar topics and content. 53% of Volkswagen The CEO’s response came from editorial media and 47% from social media. Content that mentioned Pass away generated 38 interactions (clicks, shares, likes) per mention. This shows that the public is very engaged and made Pass away the 56th most engaged CEO in the ranking. In total, mentions for Herbert Diess were equally positive and negative. We can assume that this had a corresponding impact on its overall reputation.

Communication excellence

OTP Bank CEO Sándor Csányi takes first place

Two common goals widely shared by media teams are communicating key messages and building a favorable reputation, both of which rely heavily on editorial endorsements. the Communication excellence the classification analyzes and aggregates the volume of the media (deletion of the lists of financial reports).

Sandor Csányi, CEO of OTP Bank, was ranked first in December. Outside of the pay wall, 84% of its digital echo discussed the CEO in stories beyond the financial numbers. Stories generated 281 engagements per mention, which means readers are very interested. In addition, the coverage was as positive as it was negative. Accordingly, the response to OTP Bank The CEO received 5.5 points. Ferran Soriano, CEO of City football group came in second place with a score of 3.1 and Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, took third place with a Communication excellence score of 3.1 points.

Social excellence

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida Takes First Place

These days, just having a social media profile isn’t enough. If you want to make an impact on thought leaders outside of editorial offices, or on consumers and digital elites who are not easily accessible through mass media, you need to be mentioned frequently on social media. the Social excellence index responds if a company’s attempts to do so have been successful.

Last month, Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony, at the top of the ranking with a Social excellence score of 6.1 points. 65% of the conversation was from social media and his engagement was high with 13 interactions per mention. In addition, the sentiment of his mentions was 13% positive, which means Yoshida was well ahead of the finalists Detlef Trefzger, CEO of Kühne + Nagel, with 4.4 points and Jens henriksson, CEO of swedish bank, who finished third with 3.1 points.

Responsibility Excellence

Salzgier CEO Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann has the most social responsibility mentions

The .companion metrics bot also determines whether CEOs appear in digital media as leaders in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, for example in the context of social responsibility or climate protection and environment. Our Responsibility index shows how well this has been achieved. For this index, the metrics bot analyzes only mentions related to topics related to sustainable development.

In December, Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann, CEO of Salzgier, greeted us first in the responsibility ranking, with 91% of Salzgier Mentions of CEOs related to social responsibility issues. Its Engagement Rate was 730 which can be considered very engaged. The tone of the media conversations was as positive as it was negative. Globally, by Fuhrmann Responsibility index reached 12.1 points. Couture Chrisan, CEO of German bank, followed in second place with 2.9 points, and Rolf Eberhard Buch, CEO of Vonovia, in third place with 2.8 points.

Investor excellence

Salzgier CEO Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann takes first place in financial echo

CEO mentions in the context of balance sheet numbers offer little scope for defining content-related agendas, but are crucial in building investor confidence. In this environment, the metrics bot determines which CEOs have been mentioned from a financial perspective, forming a clue for communication with investors.

In December, the .companion metrics bot identified SalzgierCEO of, Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann, as the best communicator for investors after scoring 8.8 points. 91% of his mentions were related to the financial environment, or 1.6 times the average for this month. Its readership was very interested, indicated by an engagement rate of 729.9, and it received both positive and negative comments. He is followed in second and third place by Carsten Knobel, CEO of Henkel, with 4.3 points, and Elisabeth stadler, CEO of Vienna Insurance Group (3.9 points).

  • The media conversations were tracked and analyzed globally using the industry’s leading monitoring tool, Meltwater.

  • All content is in German and / or English and publicly available on websites, forums and social media

  • The text and content of the CEO Echo are generated automatically by the .companion metrics bot

  • All the values ​​of the Excellence index are based on three criteria:
    1. How often is the respective CEO mentioned in a certain context
    2. How many of these mentions were positive
    3. How many engagements have these publications and articles received?

  • Although it is necessary to have an above-average share of mentions in the respective category, it is still possible to obtain a high score on a certain index despite one of the sub-criteria receiving somewhat lower results. to the average.

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Previous CEO Echo results

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