The critical link between communication and patient trust

The critical link between communication and patient trust

Healthcare CFOs rank “consumer trust as the top driver of strategic change” and an overwhelming majority (83%) say “consumer engagement is a heightened organizational priority.” Why are trust and engagement so high on the priority list of healthcare leaders?

Establishing and maintaining trust offers myriad benefits for providers and patients:

  • Increase patient retention
  • Improve adherence to appointments
  • Generate positive referrals
  • Strengthen health care outcomes
  • Give positive results to the patient survey

Our guide outlines how providers can achieve these significant benefits. Connected communication based on insight – and linked seamlessly throughout the patient experience – makes an impact. Technology is key, but so is understanding each patient. Equally important: leverage proven strategies for using digital communication in ways that resonate with individual consumers.

Take a moment to download and read our guide to good patient communication. It clearly details the relationship between communication and trust, and how providers can use modern tools and strategies to achieve positive, consistent, and connected engagement that builds patient trust and loyalty.

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