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The chronicles of Dr. Emanuel Pastreich report five times in a series. Today’s article is the fourth story.

1. The Big Lie Strategy in America of the Super-Rich
2. Operation “Civil War”
3. The conspiracy theory trap
4. The New Cold War
5. The collapse of civilization

Dr Emanuel Pastreich, President of the Asia Institute Washington DC, Seoul, Tokyo, Hanoi and Managing Director of the Institute for Future Urban Environments.

Commercial media broadcast a uniform story about a new cold war between the United States and China that has been reformatted into different political flavors for distribution on hundreds of media platforms. There are conservative and progressive flavors in this story of unprecedented tensions between China and the United States, born of Chinese expansionism. Not everything about Chinese stocks in Xinjiang or Hong Kong is wrong, but for the most part the narrative is so grotesquely twisted that we might as well file it under fiction in our library.

I have not found any serious discussion of how this new cold war is being promoted by media interests whose stock belongs to the same concerns who want to make their fortunes through the massive increase in the US military budget that resulted from the bill. of defense credits. 2020. Nor is anyone mentioning the process by which multinational banks and corporate interests encouraged national conflicts over territory and ethnic identity in order to push for militarization in the years leading up to WWI, or how this Cynical ploy was linked to overcapacity and overproduction and how the alchemy of wartime demand was used to turn responsibility into a boon. French, British and German banks were happy to play footsie in this tragicomedy and the hidden profits continued even after the start of the war.

It would take no more than a few minutes of comparing the tricks used by the world’s financial leaders in London, Paris and Berlin in 1914, and similar tricks employed today by American and Chinese financial interests for citizens to understand. the idea.
Instead of analysis, we force-fed the tired, mundane story of the endlessly promoted ‘Thucydides trap’ by the highest paid henchman of investment bankers, the Custom Prophet hailed and celebrated by CEOs. of New York and Shanghai, Harvard Graham Ellison’s own gray eminence.

If we are to understand what is going on in the unhealthy “Frankenstein Alliance”, in the death pact signed between the elites in Washington and Beijing, we must first get out of these stupid “nation-state” schemes peddled in the United States. intellectuals by global bankers and look directly at the massive collaboration between the super-rich in the world to destroy the lives of working people, and to deploy and unravel their plans to play American workers against Chinese workers in order to put end to any unity of purpose on the part of the citizens.

Graham Ellison and his Harvard friends will never talk about how Harvard de facto majority shareholder Goldman Sachs plans to use the US-China economic conflict as a way to push through automation complete factories and the massive implementation of AI in both. country in the name of “competition”.

The battle is not so much between Beijing and Washington, although this battle is also very real, but more about the willingness of global finance to control the assets, money, activities, identity and bodies of each. worker in both. countries. What cannot be forced in China will be forced in the United States first, or vice versa – or in another country first.
Perhaps Elon Musk and Jack Ma are not voices of reason crying out against a narrow nationalist agenda in the United States and China, but partners in a plan to monopolize the world’s resources and assets. whole.

This process, while it can be documented without too much effort using open-source materials, must be dismissed as an out-of-the-ordinary conspiracy theory. The only precise way to understand the conflicts between China and the United States today, the authorities tell us, is by analogy with a war between Sparta and Athens in the 5th century BC.
The possibility that neither China nor America exists today as political units in light of the radical concentration of wealth is the most likely explanation for what we are witnessing today. You won’t read this analysis anywhere.

What are the immediate results of increased defense spending for this “new cold war”?
The opportunity to massively increase defense spending in the United States, China and across East Asia – and now around the world – is causing banks to drool. Many financial interests should benefit from all this expenditure, from this artificially created demand. Citizens are force-fed Cold War fiction without a word on who makes money from weapons systems around the world, including in China.
Spending by the US Department of Defense or the intelligence community is no longer aimed at training people in Chinese or developing a new generation of people who understand the politics and cultures of Asian nations. Increasingly, those who studied in China (to learn Chinese) cannot obtain the security clearances required to work in the government.

Most of that money is spent on ridiculously overpriced fighter jets, tanks, anti-missile systems and satellites which in many cases have already proven ineffective or unnecessary. Those who work at the military and intelligence level are still trying to do their job despite the increasingly absurd orders they receive. To some extent, they can convince themselves that the threat reports from Chinese AI, drones and robots are credible. Certainly, the 24 hour work schedule imposed on them (similar to what was done before the invasion of Iraq) makes concentration almost impossible.

What no one will tell citizens, or even staff with top-secret / SCI clearance, is that the AI ​​under development is meant to be a weapon to degrade citizens’ ability to think (to begin with by military personnel) through destructive brain stimulation using commercial media, and to divide and confuse the populations of the two nations, using different time frames and agendas, in order to soften the citizens of Earth for the absolute rule of the super-rich.

Next generation micro-drones and robots, energy weapons on low-orbiting satellites, will they be used in a glorious Normandy landings or a conflict between civilizations and nation-states between Athens and Sparta? Or would the final intention be to use these weapons to attack Chinese and American citizens, if they attempt to resist this global takeover?

War has already been declared. China and the United States, along with many other countries, have become the battleground in a bid to completely corrupt science and ensure that all sources of information are pro-regimes propaganda pins. biofascists like COVID-19.

Whether in Dallas or Wuhan, Osaka or Dresden, AI logarithms are now being used to shut down civil society, and stacks of drones and robots capable of attacking those they are programmed to attack. , wait backstage.

It should be noted that the New York Times has suddenly taken an interest in police violence in the past year after completely ignoring the issue for decades. Moreover, they are not interested in systemic corruption, but rather in the glaring incidents that are played out in the news cycle just long enough to create consensus for policy change.

The goal may not be to reduce police violence, but rather to undermine public confidence in the police as a means of defeating human police. But, is the intention of such an initiative to create a more humane police force with closer ties to the community? Or would this rather be the first step in getting the public to accept the replacement of human police with drones and robots that may have smiles on their faces but are capable of a ruthless beyond all human?

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