The NFL schedule gives us the Cleveland Browns vs. the Ravens back to back

The AFC North schedule has a weird quirk for the 2021 season, which leaves the Cleveland Browns and Ravens face off in back-to-back games.

Unlike in years past, the Cleveland Browns are the topic of conversation in the NFL, especially in the AFC and AFC North.

Not only does the schedule feature three prime-time games and one Christmas Day game, the Browns will also face AFC North Division rivals the Baltimore Ravens in back-to-back games.

This Planning oddity could lead to an interesting end to the season for both teams, as analysts predict a close division race between the two.

The first game between the two teams will be on Sunday football night of Week 12. The Browns travel to Maryland for the first game against the Ravens.

This is where it gets interesting – the Browns then have a Week 13 goodbye and will turn around and face the Ravens again in Week 14, this time in Cleveland. While the Browns are resting, preparing and recharging for Game 2, the Ravens will prepare for their divisional game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Hopefully Cleveland can use that oddity in the schedule to their advantage, as those late-season division games often turn out to be decisive games to secure a playoff spot.

The back-to-back showdowns will be the first time the Browns have faced regular season opponents in back-to-back games since the 1957 season. This streak has been shared between the Browns and the Eagles

However, the 2020 season ended with the Browns beating the Steelers in Week 17 and again the following week in the wildcard game. Thus, back-to-back confrontations may not be as unusual or unusual as they seem.

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