The other test subjects are bad guys

The test subjects seen in the latest trailer for Stranger Things 4 could be Eleven’s other captives, but they could also be villains trained at the Hawkins Lab.

The most recent trailer for Strange things Season 4 seems to show that Netflix’s success will bring back Eleven’s other test subjects, but what if the others are villains working for Hawkins Lab instead of rebelling against them? Debut in 2016, Strange things instantly became a word of mouth phenomenon and a major success for the streaming service Netflix and its creators, Hidden runs the Duffer Brothers.

The first season of Strange things combined Stephen King with Steven Spielberg in his story of a few brave children discovering a government conspiracy, secret human experimentation, and a multidimensional monster. The series became a huge hit thanks to a stellar multigenerational cast, effective scares, and a compelling central mystery. Still, they left some important questions unanswered regarding the invisible backstory of Strange things. For example, although Strange things quickly established that her heroine Eleven had telekinetic powers and was the subject of shady human experimentation under the supervision of Matthew Modine’s villainous Dr. Brenner, the show’s first season never answered the question of why Hawkins Lab was conducting these experiments and what happened to the other test subjects.

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Luckily, season 2 was quickly explained with the arrival of Eleven’s lost sister, Kali. Still, the story of Kali taking revenge on the techies at Hawkins Lab and uncovering the villainous villains behind these experiences was scrapped when fans didn’t like the episode dedicated to the quest for this new character. Since then, the fandom has come up with plenty of theories about Kali, Eleven, and the fate of their invisible escapee companions, and in particular the idea that the rest of the test subjects could unite against the Hawkins Lab in Season 4. But The show’s latest trailer might hint that the rest of the test subjects are loyal to Hawkins Lab and could be villains brainwashed in Eleven’s eyes.

The Naughty Test Subject Theory Explained

Clock in Stranger Things season 4

Frequent COVID-related delays mean Strange things The arrival of Season 4 has been pushed back (possibly until 2022), but the series nonetheless provides fans with some intriguing first trailers to over-analyze in the meantime. The first trailer confirmed that the antihero series Hopper was alive despite his sacrifice in season 3, and the second in last week. Strange things The Season 4 trailer featured a group of kids identical to Eleven playing with preschool toys at a test facility. The teaser clip then slowly walked to the closed door to Eleven’s cell as the children chanted a salute to their captor / mentor, Dr. Brenner. Then the question is whether Eleven was still in her room because she is the only one rebelling against the experiments. If so, could Eleven and Kali be the only test subjects wanting to escape “Papa” from Hawkins Lab and Matthew Modine?

Evidence of the naughty test subject theory

Dr Brenner Stranger Things: Season 4 Returns

The fact that the kids gathered in the Season 4 trailer are all chanting ‘hello daddy’ when Modine’s creepy father figure arrived, with only Elevens’ abstention absent, gave the room an unsettling feel. . It also seemed unlikely that these kids would be aware of their plight in the same way that the conflicting season 1 of Eleven appeared to be in flashback scenes. The compliance of these test subjects might suggest that, if this scene is indeed a flashback, the rest of the test subjects could now be working for the Hawkins Lab, and the few rebels who escaped, like Eleven and Kali, are the exception rather than the rule. . The trailer highlighting Eleven’s cell reinforces this idea that the heroine of Strange things is an outlier, and the rest of his fellow inmates are far from staging a New mutants– style prison escape.

What it means for stranger things 4

stranger things season 4 will change the power of eleven

This theory would clarify from whom the bad guys Strange things Season 4 is, like the other test subjects could be used by the Hawkins Lab to hunt down Kali, Eleven, and all the other defectors, much like Kali hunts down the Hawkins Lab employees. Test subjects could also be unleashed on the Byers family, Mike, Lucas, Max, Dustin, and anyone else (civilian or otherwise) who knows too much about the shady events at the Hawkins institution. It would mark an interesting shift from the increasingly large-scale villains of the past two seasons to the more human-sized villains of Season 1, something that Strange thingsThe cast of Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund can also give credit. Many fans have argued that the series is waiting for a smaller, more intimate return to action from Strange things season 1 rather than the divisive giant monster antics of Season 3, and test subjects being a creepy human villain (albeit with Eleven-esque powers) might be just the thing to get out of this tonal transformation.

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Why the theory might not be true

However, while the theory is intriguing, another Strange things the trailer posted on the official Youtube channel of the Netflix show a few hours earlier may have already disproved it. The trailer, titled “HNL Control Room,” displays a series of CCTV screens in the Hawkins Lab facility where test subjects caused bloody chaos in what could be an escape. It’s unclear whether the escape from the start of Season 1 of Eleven happened before or after this horrific jailbreak, but the chaos of the scene seems to imply that all the kids will rebel en masse against their captors. If so, the test subjects have clearly followed Eleven’s lead and will likely be as likeable to characters and viewers as their former captive mate.

That said, if the trailer describes a brand new Hawkins Lab filled with new test subjects, as some fans have theorized, the fact that the kids had a blast in droves isn’t a reason to think they will not be the villains of Strange things season 4. If the overpowered test subjects are strong enough to come out of Hawkins Lab and kill their captors in the process, Hawkins could be faced with an influx of child killers with telekinetic powers, lots of untreated anger, and no bending over backwards. self to brake one or the other. Just as Eleven would have been a dangerous prospect had she not been met with the kindness of Dustin, Mike and Lucas, an entire team of Elevens, armed with powers hitherto unseen, could not bring an end to the chaos in the city. small town. setting Strange things in season 4.

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