The Rogers Center will undergo renovations

According to recent news from Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi, the Toronto Blue Jays will be renovating the Rogers Center in the near future, at a cost of up to around $ 250 million.

Over the past few years, we’ve heard persistent rumors about the possibility of a new stadium for the Blue Jays. Baseball critics, writers and league professionals have expressed their opinions on what was once known as “The Skydome.” Critics commented on the structure itself, as well as the age, physical makeup, and aesthetics. Baseball fans and chefs have called for the stadium to be demolished and relocated. Obviously, Rogers Communications Inc., the Toronto Blue Jays and the City of Toronto have different ideas.

Like most Toronto Blue Jays fans, I treasured this building as a second home, a safe area from my childhood that is home to various experiences, baseball, and family. My father was a longtime employee of Rogers, which looked after the finances of the Blue Jays. The Skydome at the time was almost a second office for him, and a delightful wonderland for me. Taking the tube from Kennedy Station in Scarborough, get off, connect to Union and walk down Front Street to Blue Jays Way and seeing the great white dome was my favorite thing. I called this stadium my office for eight years as an employee of the Blue Jays. I have also played on this field a few times. Tearing down this stadium would be heartbreaking for the Blue Jays nation.

If you were the Blue Jays, what would you change?

I took to social media and in-person conversations to ask Blue Jays followers what they would include in ‘stadium upgrades’. Without expecting answers of the architect and engineer type, I had interesting and even ridiculous feedback!

Let’s start with the field; The grass infield is a hot topic when it comes to upgrades. We heard about the regularity of injuries possibly caused by artificial turf and complaints from players unfamiliar with the pitch. I can personally agree that real weed would look better on the body and provide a nicer aesthetic visual.

The next big reaction would be the cement aspect of the stadium; some call it the “walls of Rome” of Toronto sports. A better facade and a better structure were recommended by the participants (again, non-architects and non-engineers). Some commented on the seats; some recommended that the 500 level be bench seats and some wanted cup holders attached to the seats. Premium seats were a subject; more upscale seating has been suggested along with more suites and party rooms. These are obviously the most minor aspects of the project.

Rumor has it that the stadium renovations could be done between Brookfield Asset Management and a company that helped build New Yankee Stadium. It will be fun to see what comes out!

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