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“My octopus teacher.” “This is a robbery: the biggest art heist in the world. “The social dilemma.”

These movies, and countless others, all have one thing in common: they’re Netflix shows. And the beauty of having access to Netflix is ​​learning some interesting aspects of the story that I would never have heard of otherwise.

During spring break, I came across one in particular that caught my eye: “The snake(Spoiler alert: if you haven’t watched “The Serpent,” skip the next three paragraphs!).

“The Serpent” is a limited series which follows Herman Knippenberg, a Dutch diplomat, as he traces and recounts the murders of Charles Sobhraj (or Alain Gautier) and his accomplices, Ajay Chowdhury and Marie Andree Leclerc (or Monique). Each episode is filled with an intensity hard to match.

I guess this is because “The Serpent” is based on a true story and that Sobhraj’s method of murder is prolonged, so much so that you begin to feel great sympathy for the victims and their inevitable, but too late, awareness of what is going on.

Sobhraj’s calming, relaxed voice adds to this powerful mood, as he painstakingly and methodically executes his prisoners in order to find alibis in the form of stolen passports and completely distance himself from every crime. We begin to wonder if he feels any pain through these murders.

I won’t spoil the show again, but all I’m going to say is that it captivates its audience until you’ve watched the whole series in a matter of hours. I consider myself to have a short attention span and it was difficult to turn off the television after watching a few episodes. After watching, I went through the Wikipedia articles in my free time to try to find out more about Charles Sobhraj.

My main point in writing this article is that Netflix, and other streaming services, made it possible to learn about all of these interesting topics and parts of history and life that I wouldn’t even have wanted to learn. before. It might seem obvious, but through these Netflix movies I feel I can better understand the topics that interest me and really understand the value of these streaming services.

Although they are extremely abundant, they are immense in the amount of knowledge you can learn from them. These are great sources of information that you can discover beyond the classroom.

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