Webinar on cell-to-cell communication in cancer

Cancer cells engage in a complex array of interactions with neighboring cancer and stromal cells. They interact via direct cell-to-cell contact, paracrine signaling, long-range interactions with distal organ sites involving circulating extracellular vesicles as well as signaling via cytokines, hormones and growth factors.

These signaling events play a crucial role in cancer cell survival, metastatic spread, and immune evasion. They also help us understand how cancer cells communicate with each other, their immediate microenvironment, and with distal organ sites. This information is crucial for developing effective therapeutic strategies to prevent cancer initiation, progression and metastasis.

Recent advances in single-cell sequencing, 3D organoid cultures, and intravital imaging provide excellent insight into cancer cell communication at the single-cell level. Advances have led to a better understanding of differences in responses at the patient level and to note the considerable role of heterogeneity in tumor composition, microenvironment and vascularization.

In this webinar, Dr. Holz will discuss the background of cell-to-cell communication, highlighting recent studies and developments in the field, as well as exploring the clinical implications of these studies on cancer biology and patient care.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn the complexities of cell-to-cell communication in the context of cancer
  • Discover incredible studies and recent developments in this field
  • Explore the clinical implications of these studies on cancer biology and patient care

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