What to do if your child has a communication disability

QUINCY (WGEM) – Communication disorders can affect someone you know.

More than 33 million people in the United States have a hearing or speech disability according to the American Speech-Language Association.

Anne Zinn Quincy, a pathologist for the medical group, said this month was the best month for hearing and speaking, a time that highlights communication disorders and the treatment options available.

She said the most important thing was to catch and react to trouble early.

“Early detection is important because it prepares children for success when they go to school,” Zinn said.

Zinn said that speech therapy and hearing therapy can also help your child if they are having trouble feeding and swallowing.

“As a speech therapist, we can’t just see those who have sound, speech or language delays. It’s just part of our scope and we see those who have feeding problems. and swallowing too, ”Zinn said.

Zinn said that once diagnosed, they can determine if your child would benefit the most from speech therapy, social thought therapy, food therapy and more.

She said you can have your child checked at any age, but at two years old if you have any questions about their development, talk to your child’s doctor.

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